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Get More From Your Reliable Linux Services

Open Source Linux services development
Process management, Kernel configuration
Swap & disk-space management, Memory Management

The heart of Liferay lies in its ability to provide its users with a unique experience, allowing customization through drag-and-drop portlets, themes, and personal pages, including the URL. Liferay also gives you extensive control over its functionality, such as access to sensitive information, content publishing, multi-language support.

  • What we offer

    • Support/Consulting to wide range of linux flavours (Debian/Redhat/Ubuntu/Centos other..)
    • Collaborative, Strategic, Analysis for Instance sizing, Application fit.
    • Tuning/Optimise/Hardening Services for deliverability of operational requirements.
    • Automation/Clustering/ Load Balancing for high effective application service performance.
    • Web Servers Handling with suitable cache in place for reliable sessions.
    • Networking/ Firewall/ security permissions to protect box.
    • Antivirus, Malware and best cleanup tools to protect/restore Application functionalities.
    • Linux Services Monitoring, effective troubleshooting, incidental Management.
    • Virtualisation and Dev operations for best practices.
    • Off-Course 24/7 support.

Regular Linux Services & Tuning

Our Linux Services

    • Installation and Troubleshooting of required services
    • Hardening the server using Iptables, FailBan, SeLinux etc..
    • DNS Server Configuration
    • Secure your application / communication by STunnel.
    • Ensuring customer satisfaction

    • Tuning Kernel Parameter
    • Open Files/ Ram / Disks etc..
    • High response efficiency.

  • Monitoring servers/VM instances/Cloud instance

    • Setting up zenoss / Nagios / or any other monitoring system for your Data-center / your organization
    • Configuring alerts Email / SMS as per the thresholds.
    • Checking and Monitoring Logs
    • Robust integration of Magento with amazon and ebay to manage all sales channel from Magento System .
    • Configuration of Monit and Init.d services
    • Monitoring yours servers or VM instances for Multiple things like Hardisk/CPU/RAM and other Services like mysql/Memcache/redis Etc..
  • Web Server Services , Dev Ops Tools & Automation

    • Web Server Services
    • Running PHP using hip-hop(HHVM) or PHP-FPM, Fast-CGI etc.
    • Optimization of Web-server Linux
    • Configuration & Optimizationof Varnish /Nginx etc.
    • Memcache / Redis / etc config & Tweaking and Setup
    • Nginx/ Apache/ Tomcat App server / Jboss App Server
    • DevOps & Automation tools
    • Run-deck and other automation tools
    • Setting up your development infrastructure for PAAS providers like Heroku, OpenShift, Engine yard Etc..
    • Docker setup & Configuration in your Virtual & Physical Environment.
    • Automation using Shell Scripting
    • Vagrant, Chef, puppet and Jenkins Setup and Configuration & Consulting
  • Linux Services

    • Hardening & Auditing of your Linux Server
    • Prevent Hijacking of your server. Avoid Ransomware by hardening your server.
    • Checking and removing of Backdoor root-kits. Avoid DOS or DDOS attacks
    • LDAP / Active Directory
    • Setting up based on your organisation Structure...
    • Integration of LDAP / AD with your existing applications..
    • High-Availability Implementation
    • Load balancing Setup for your web-server / Database / Cache etc..using HAProxy etc..
    • Clustering nodes as Master/Master/Master or Master/Slave/Slave as per the requirements.
    • Databases
    • Mysql / Maria Db/ PostgreSQL / MongoDB / Percona / Cassandra Setup & Configuration
    • Optimization of your Database Servers based on Logs and Application data.
    • Galera HA setup & Implementation
  • Other Linux services

    • Mail Servers
    • Zimbra / Dovecot / Postfix / Sendmail / Implementation / Configuration / Optimization.
    • Configure spam Assassin and configure your domain for SPF records Etc..
    • Configure senders and Receivers.
    • VMWare
    • VMWare setup, VMWare Architecture for your Data Center.
    • VMWare and Virtual switch configure so traffic is routed as per requirements.
    • Firewall & Configuration Support
    • Block Websites/ Applications as per your organization Policies.
    • Auditing the usage and submitting of reports.

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KTree, a Global IT Company

What and how the processes are structured in KTree?

KTree follows CMMi process to T. Defined and Mature processes for Coding, Code Reviewing Exercises, QA Process with focus on Performance testing & Load Testing

Where is KTree's Web and Mobile application Development done?

Most of our Development is done from our Hyderabad Development Center. Hyderabad is known for its rich heritage and exotic food apart from abundant IT Talent.

How KTree makes outsourcing project a positive experience?

True collaboration, transparent and constant communication, visibility and traceability are the key for success. The other major one being requirements engineering.

What is Success mantra of KTree, as one of the respected web development company?

Agile Methodology + Strong Documentation + Powerful Web & Mobile Frameworks + Solid KTree Team = Great Web & Mobile Applications within time.

Any other Differentiation which KTree has, which it can offer?

Having worked on hundreds of Web & Mobile Application projects, KTree teams tremendous knowledge & expertise gives very good head-start for projects which helps clients save many man-months

What Development methodology KTree follows and why?

KTree development team follows Agile methodology because of its suitability to web and mobile application development. Scrum helps improve Agility due to its simplicity and flexibility

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