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KTree worked on hundreds of Web Application projects which can be further classified broadly into Web Application Development, SaaS application development, Single Page Applications, Portal Development, Ecommerce Development, ERP Implementation, Mobile APP Development, Point of Sale etc..

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KTree, a Global IT Company

KTree development team follows the CMMI process to T. It uses Gitlab for its revision of code and code reviewing exercises. Internally KTree uses internal Collaborative tool something similar to slack which speeds up development.  KTree uses test management suite for trace-ability of requirements, issues, client queries, Test scenarios, test Cases etc.  Issues are tagged to requirements to do auditing and also to impose responsibility.

Where is KTree's Development done?

Most of our Development is done from our Hyderabad Development Center. Hyderabad currently houses world Top 4 technology company's (Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon,) development centers Hyderabad is also famous for its rich heritage and exotic food.

How KTree makes outsourcing your project a Positive experience?

Communicate regularly with the stakeholders, Proper Documentation, Code Review Meetings & Coding Standard Adherence, Using Gitlab revision system, efficient QA Process, Technical Expertise are key factors in successful outsourcing Development.

Can I know more on the Development methodology of KTree?

KTree development team follows tweaked version of Agile methodology. Sprint meetings are conducted every 2 days and the most importantly KTree uses internal Collaborative tool something similar to slack where the progress of each task can be tracked. Its mix of both task management tool and collaborative tool. KTree technical lead and project management chats with the team members regularly via this tool

Any other Differentiation which KTree can tell?

KTree worked on hundreds of Web Application projects through which our team have gained very high end expertise in web application development. Our Knowledge on Web Application Development can save others may be not years but at least many months of their time.

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