The client, a news media organization, wanted to develop a mobile application for Android and iOS platforms that would provide short news from India, AP & Telangana in multiple languages, such as English and Telugu. The application would also have a job search feature for both central/state/private jobs with search and filter and facets functionality, and a video section with entertainment, viral, movie, or interesting videos from across the web, integrated with YouTube and own videos. The client wanted the backend for the application to be hosted on AWS Cloud, and they wanted to use AWS AppSync GraphQL for increased efficiency and reduced network overhead.


  • One of the major challenges we faced in this project was developing an optimized and efficient news and video display system. We wanted to create a system that could handle a large amount of data and be built for scalability and performance. To achieve this, we decided to integrate the backend with AWS cloud services and use AWS AppSync GraphQL.


  • To build the mobile application, the following technologies were used to achieve high availability and scalability.

    • React Native
    • AWS S3 /CloudFront
    • DynamoDB/MYSQL
    • AWS AppSync
    • Open Search
    • Cognito
    • Lambda
    • Media Convert


The News section of the app is designed to provide users with short news articles from across India, AP, and Telangana in multiple languages, including English and Telugu. To enhance the user experience, the news articles are displayed using different templates based on the content type, such as StoryType, OnlyCover, LiveCricket, FliptoStory, ShortByte, LiveNews, Cricket Live ScoreBoard, Poll, MCQ. Users can also access external links embedded in news articles, such as Twitter or Instagram, which are opened in the respective apps if available. If not, the links are opened in the in-app browser using the “react-native-inappbrowser-reborn” package, and for the news react-native-pager-view was used.


  • The short news app has a Jobs section where the jobs from central and state government jobs are displayed and it also had a job search feature which was implemented using Elasticsearch, which was integrated with the backend. The search feature has various facets, such as location, salary, experience, job type, etc., to filter jobs according to user requirements.

Video Section

  • The video section has various categories of videos, such as entertainment, viral, movie, or interesting videos from across the web. The video section is integrated with YouTube and also supports playing its own videos stored in S3. The “@ktree/react-native-youtube” package was used for this purpose.

User Authentication

  • User authentication was implemented using Amazon Cognito integration. Users can register with their mobile number and enter the OTP sent in SMS to log in. Without login, users can still check news, jobs, and videos.

Commenting and Feedback

  • The application also provides commenting features for news, jobs, and videos. Users can edit/delete a comment, reply to comments, report a comment, like or dislike news/jobs/videos, and share the content on various platforms. Users can also share feedback on the application.


  • Users receive Push notifications for feedback responses, comment replies, and other updates, for this firebase and AWS pinpoint were used.


  • The search feature allows users to search for text and videos across the entire app. Additionally, in the media library, the search functionality allows the content team to easily find and reuse existing images by searching with text related to old news stories. This saves the team time and effort in creating new images and ensures consistency in the app’s visual content. The search feature was integrated with AWS ElasticSearch, which provides efficient and powerful search capabilities with minimal latency. 

User Profile

  • Users can view previously viewed news, jobs, and videos, and can also view their bookmarked content and liked videos. Users can also follow any creator and receive reward points by sharing the app with friends.


  • The settings section allows users to navigate to quick FAQ, terms & conditions, privacy policy, share feedback, rewards, and user profile.

Explore page

  • The explore section allows users to navigate to content genres such as politics, entertainment, general news, movies, and trending videos. Users can also navigate to their bookmarked content, view history, and change app language.

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