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Efficient Support ticketing system

Updated 12 days ago

Above image showcases the Support Ticketing

  • Companies have multiple departments which provide support to the employees on a regular basis. When the number of employees is more, the support requests will be coming from multiple employees at a time and response times need to be reduced.
  • To handle this the Odoo's Support ticketing module will streamline the process of handling these requests so that the multiple requests coming from various employees can be handled effectively.

A basic process flow which can be implemented in Support ticketing process on Odoo ERP is listed below:

  • Support Ticket Master is given for the IT Head/Support managers to configure which departments provide support and various categories are defined and mapped to support departments.
  • An Employee can raise a ticket by logging in to the application or just by sending an email to a specific group email address.
  • The Support Agent pick/accept the tickets and process the tickets through various stages until it is finally closed after a solution is given to the raiser.
  • The Support Managers can supervise the ticket handling process and assign the tickets to any other agents if needed.
  • The Department managers have the right to approve the tickets if required.
  • Support Managers can convert the tickets to Incidents and assign to any support agent to work with priority. They can also create Change requests is the incidents lead to a change. Only after the IT head's approval the change can be processed and closed by any agent.
  • Agents can merge multiple similar tickets and answer all at once.
  • Agents can close the tickets by tagging predefined Questions and Answers called FAQs, reading which the raiser can find a solution.
  • Raiser should be able to reopen a closed ticket if the solution is not provided and the support agent closes the ticket.