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How to do Cohort Enrolment in moodle

Updated 21 day ago

Cohort Enrollment

Step 1:

Cohort Sync Settings (Plugins | Enrollments | Cohort sync)

Step 2:

Create a Cohort.

Navigate to: Users | Accounts | Cohorts.

Step 3:

Save Changes and add the users to Cohort.

Step 4:

Assign users:

Step 5:

Synchronize Cohort to the Course.

Navigate: Course management → Users → Enrolled Users → Enrol Cohort Button

Step 6:

The following window will pop up once the enrol cohort is clicked.

Step 7:

Click on Enrol Cohort.

The following window populates:

Step 8:

Check the Enrolments tab to see the entries: