YouSay is a leading news platform focused on providing a comprehensive view of news from across India, with a particular emphasis on Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. They cover various categories, including general news, movie news, entertainment, cricket, politics, and more. YouSay WordPress strives to present news in a positive manner and offers content in both Telugu and English languages. The platform features a user-friendly interface with various sections such as featured articles, movie news, web stories, sports, politics, and hot actresses.

Business Challenge

  • As the user base of YouSay WordPress continued to grow rapidly, the company faced several challenges in terms of WordPress development, customization, and support. They needed to enhance the functionality and user experience of their platform, optimize performance, and ensure seamless operations. To address these challenges, they decided to leverage the AWS cloud infrastructure for their WordPress solution.

    Key Features

    • News is presented in various UI layouts, including Featured Articles, Movie News, Web Stories, Sports, Politics, and Hot Actress.
    • Different categories such as Telugu Movies, Movie News, Reviews, and Hot Actress cater to the movie industry, providing comprehensive coverage and web stories.
    • The platform offers web stories across categories like Telugu Movies, Cricket, Viral Stories, Lifestyle, People, Technology, Business, and Automotive.
    • All categories, including Cricket, Lifestyle, People, and Technology, provide news and information relevant to their respective domains.

    Solution Architecture

    YouSay WordPress opted for an AWS-based solution to overcome their WordPress development and customization challenges. The solution architecture included the following key components:

    WordPress Hosting on Amazon EC2 Instances

    • The WordPress application was hosted on multiple Amazon EC2 instances and dockerized to ensure high availability and scalability. Auto Scaling groups were set up to adjust the number of instances based on traffic demands dynamically.

    Amazon RDS for Database Storage

    • YouSay WordPress utilized Amazon RDS, a managed SQL database service, to store their data. RDS offered scalability, replication, fail-over, load balancing, and partitioning capabilities, ensuring efficient data management.

    Amazon S3 for Media Storage

    • To expedite content delivery and enhance performance, YouSay WordPress employed Amazon S3 for storing media files. The WP Offload Media Lite plugin was used to store images in an S3 bucket instead of the local server’s upload folder.

    Content Delivery Network (CDN)

    • A CDN such as Amazon CloudFront was implemented to optimize content delivery and reduce latency. This helped deliver static and dynamic content, including images, videos, and web stories, to users with low latency and high transfer speeds.

    Customization and Development

    • YouSay WordPress implemented various customizations to enhance its platform’s functionality and user experience. This included modifying the default web stories UI to display them in a grid view, creating a new mobile header UI, adding conditions for category display, and implementing a sprite image for efficient network requests.

    Custom Templates and Elements

    • The solution included custom templates for web stories, AMP pages, and single post pages. Additionally, Generate Press Elements were customized to meet specific requirements, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing user interface.

    Optimization and Performance Enhancements

    • To improve performance, the company employed WP-Rocket for CSS minification, cache clearing, and CDN utilization. They excluded files that should not be minified. WP Offload Media Lite was used to store site images in an S3 bucket, reducing the load on the server.

    Integration with AWS Services

    • YouSay WordPress leveraged various AWS services, including RDS, S3, and CloudFront, to ensure seamless operations, scalability, and data security. The solution architecture integrated these services to provide an optimized WordPress environment.

    Business Benefits

    • Implementing WordPress development, customization, and support on AWS Cloud provided YouSay WordPress with numerous benefits, including:

    Scalability and High Availability

    • The solution ensured that the platform could handle increasing traffic and scale seamlessly to meet user demand, thanks to the flexibility and scalability of AWS services.

    Enhanced Performance

    • By utilizing CDN capabilities and optimizing content delivery, YouSay WordPress improved the performance of their platform, reducing latency and enhancing the user experience.

    Efficient Data Management

    • The integration with Amazon RDS and S3 enabled efficient data storage and retrieval, ensuring reliable data management and faster access to media files.

    Customization and User Experience

    • Through custom templates, elements, and UI enhancements, YouSay WordPress was able to create a unique and visually appealing user interface, providing a seamless browsing experience for its audience.

    Custom WordPress hooks 

    • The utilization of custom hooks such as post_type_link, generateblocks_query_loop_args, amp_post_template_css, wp_enqueue_scripts, and wp_handle_upload_prefilter enhanced various aspects of WordPress. These hooks eliminated post type slugs, enabled the display of multiple post types, customized AMP styles, loaded additional CSS and JavaScript files, and streamlined file management processes. Through their implementation, WordPress functionality and user experience were significantly improved.

    Streamlined Content Creation

    • The ability to create news articles and web stories in multiple languages, attach images, videos, and embedded media, preview content live, and assign categories and tags streamlined the content creation process, improving efficiency and productivity.

    Robust Support and Maintenance

    • With the AWS infrastructure and services, YouSay WordPress had access to a reliable and secure environment. The company could rely on AWS for ongoing support, updates, and maintenance, ensuring the platform’s smooth operation.

    Optimal SEO and Site Mapping

    • The customization of the Google New Sitemap and the integration of SEO plugins allowed YouSay WordPress to optimize its platform for search engines, improving the visibility and discoverability of its content.

    Support and Optimization

    • WP-Rocket was employed to optimize website performance by minifying CSS, clearing the cache, and utilizing a CDN. Custom pagination was implemented using AJAX calls, providing a seamless and efficient browsing experience on the home page. LudicrousDB, an advanced database interface for WordPress, supported replication, fail-over, load balancing, and partitioning, ensuring robust database management.


    • By leveraging WordPress development, customization, and support on the AWS cloud, YouSay WordPress successfully addressed its challenges and enhanced its news platform. The solution provided scalability, high availability, optimized performance, efficient data management, and improved user experience. With a streamlined content creation process and ongoing support from AWS, YouSay WordPress was able to focus on delivering news in a positive manner, expanding its user base, and maintaining a competitive edge in the industry.

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