The client, a leading real estate developer, required an advanced ERP system to manage their extensive operations, from lead management to customer payments, including specific real estate functionalities and detailed accounting processes. The need was to integrate lead marketing automation, social media connections, and strategic funneling to optimize lead conversion rates..


The client faced several challenges:

  1. Integration of a full accounting suite including Balance Sheets, P&L, GST returns, and more.
  2. Real estate module customization for comprehensive lead management through to sales and agreement documentation.
  3. Ensuring all property booking, customer payments, and accounting processes were fully synchronized.

    Solutions Implemented

    KTree implemented a tailored Odoo ERP system designed to handle both general accounting and specific real estate operations:

    Accounting Module:

    Enhanced to support transactions such as receipts, payments, and bank reconciliations, with custom reports for GST, TDS, and TCS compliance.

    Real Estate Sales Flow:

    Development & Customization of the real estate module enabled comprehensive lead management, facilitating the entire sales process through to the creation of essential legal documents, including registration deeds, sales agreements, and demand letters

    Property Management:

    The Odoo Real Estate module supports various property types like apartments, villas, and commercial spaces. It tracks detailed information such as location, images, and floor plans. Additionally, it monitors sales status, pricing per square foot, and costs for amenities and parking, enabling efficient property management and sales tracking.

    Customer Portal Integration:

    Enabled seamless customer interaction with access to invoices, booking forms, and payment summaries.

    Sales & CRM Pipeline:

    Configured to manage leads from initial contact through various stages up to the final sale, integrating with social media for lead generation and automated communication tools.

    Marketing Automation:

    Implemented marketing automation using WhatsApp, Email, and SMS to enhance customer engagement and streamline communication throughout the sales process.

    360-Degree Customer View:

    Provides a complete overview of each lead and customer, showing the entire conversion process, advance payments received, pending invoices, and other relevant details to enhance customer management and insights.


    The implementation led to:

    • Streamlined processes across accounting and real estate modules.
    • Improved lead management and customer conversion rates due to efficient pipeline management and enhanced marketing automation.
    • Enhanced customer satisfaction through transparent and accessible financial dealings and comprehensive customer views.
    • Compliance with financial regulations and simplified GST handling.


      • KTree’s ERP implementation significantly improved the client’s operational efficiency and regulatory compliance, setting a robust foundation for future growth and customer satisfaction. The integration of advanced ERP solutions tailored to the specific needs of real estate and accounting has enabled the client to streamline their operations and enhance overall business performance, bolstered by effective marketing automation strategies and a detailed 360-degree view of customer interactions.

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