The client is an Airlines Company looking to streamline their maintenance request and tools issue processes. They require an integrated solution that incorporates Active Directory integration, user syncing, maintenance request workflows, tool issue and return tracking, user notification preferences, and the ability to import products with batch, serial number, storage, and bin location information.

Inventory – Product & Stock Import

  • The product import functionality allows the client to import products along with batch, serial number, storage, and bin location information. The system connects to the client’s FTP server and reads the product file daily. The program then creates or updates the products in the Odoo ERP system based on the information provided in the file. This functionality helps streamline inventory management by accurately tracking products, their associated batch and serial numbers, and their storage and bin locations.

    Active Directory Integration

    • The Odoo ERP system is integrated with the client’s Active Directory (AD) to sync user accounts and credentials. Users can conveniently log in to the ERP system using their AD credentials, ensuring a seamless user experience and eliminating the need for separate login credentials.

    Maintenance Request Form (MIR) Workflow

    • The MIR workflow automates the maintenance request process from creation to fulfillment. When a requestor generates a Material Issue/Return (MIR) based on specific factors such as area, shop, location, or flight, the system sets the status to “MIR Pending” and silently prints the MIR form to the configured printer based on settings. The MIR form includes a QR code for easy scanning and tracking.
    • During the MIR process, the system updates the MIR item status based on stock availability. If an item is out of stock, the status changes to ‘Nil Stock,’ and the MIR is moved to the Expedition Tab for store personnel to input an estimated availability date. When the item becomes available, the status changes to ‘In Stock,’ signaling the Stores staff to process the MIR.

    • Upon completing the process, the requestor can collect the materials, and scan the MIR QR Code, and this updates the MIR status to ‘MIR Fulfilled.’ automatically The system captures the time and date for each MIR item status change and MIR header status change. Any unused materials can be returned and recorded in the same MIR.
    • Notifications are sent to users based on their preferences during status changes. The system identifies and configures responsible parties according to area, shop, or location to ensure the right personnel receives relevant messages. A Kanban view is provided to easily manage MRFs with different statuses.

    • Two reports are available to drill down the MIR process information and provide comprehensive insights.

    Tools Issue Process:

    • The Tools Issue module simplifies the process of tool issuance and return. Store personnel can input the batch number of a tool, which displays the corresponding part number and a photo of the device. The employee’s ID is tagged to the issued tool, creating a tool issue record with all necessary information.

    • When employees complete their work, they return the tools to the store. Store personnel accept the tools, update the Tools Issue document, and add remarks if any defects are found. An automated daily email reminder is sent to employees who have not yet returned their tools.

    • Similar to the MIR workflow, the tool issue and return process does not affect inventory or material movement records but are recorded as plain entries. The admin can view a report displaying issued and pending tools, with the ability to filter based on reported defects and associated remarks. However, any further processes related to tool defects are handled manually.


      • By implementing Odoo ERP, the Airlines Company was able to improve its maintenance request and tools issue processes. The integration with Active Directory facilitated seamless user authentication, while the MIR workflow automated the request and fulfillment process. The Tools Issue module simplified tool issuance and return tracking. Additionally, the ability to import products with detailed information enhanced inventory management. Overall, the implementation of Odoo ERP optimized operations and improved efficiency for the Airlines Company.

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