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How Open Source Is Helping Startups and Enterprises In Establishing Global Presence!

Updated 21 day ago

Open Source is increasingly making the news. With the many business and government bodies that now use open source offerings, it's becoming quite obvious that cost is not the only advantage such software provides.

Its understandable that many developers and designers want to release their work into the world as open-source projects. Most of them often use Open Source code readily available to study, change, and distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose.

But what's that which makes Open Source such a hot commodity?
How does Open Source aims at constructing one big fat global village ?

Well. To answer this billion dollar question, lets put on our thinking caps and imagine!

Imagine, a world without open source software's and collaborations…….

A world where there’s no Android, no Mozilla or blogging platforms like WordPress..

A world where Linux is off, FileZilla is lost, Notepad++ is away from reach.

A world which doesn’t gives you the luxury of shopping lazily via hosts of e-commerce stores.

A world where you don't have proper office software suite to prepare that important documentation your boss asked you to or the situation where you can't find any quality media players to watch your favorite Batman Trilogy.

What’s apparent to happen in such a world is…. IT infrastructure would collapse, jobs shed, businesses shuttered, smartphones will no longer be smart, internet will evaporate, global stock markets will go offline for weeks and we will be steamrolled to dark age again!


The good news is that’s not happening. What we are witnessing is a progressing tide of open source. In a very real way, the open source community has changed the world. It continues to do so every day.

Now, that we got a pretty good handle about the significance of open source in this dispersed yet connected world. Lets go a bit deeper and analyze what additional perks are handy if one decides to go the open source way.

A New Zealand's leading digital electricity provider company -(KTree’s client), owes the success to provide cheaper, smarter and, importantly, simple to use electricity - in large to the Open Source tools and technologies that have been instrumental in augmenting his business idea into electrifying reality.

The point being it's not just a single case of how open source is helpful for retail electricity provider, in fact we at KTree have helped many businesses harness the power of Open Source in rolling out their products and services, which were unimaginable sans open source.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that open source has helped many enterprises exist today without breaking their banks.

Open-source software's are available for virtually any application you could think of. Moreover they hold various other compelling benefits for businesses, apart from the recognizable software's low price. Be it quality, community support, interoperability, customization, flexibility and what not!

Today much of the needed code in technology’s most significant markets—Big Data, cloud, mobile—is open source. Open Source has changed the internet in a really short time. It has changed the way we think of community, industry, and technology.

The impact that Open Source has on our lives and businesses is indisputable. And observing the evolving growth and innovations in free software industry one could comfortably believe that we are on the cusp of even greater breakthroughs with the expansion of Open Source Software's.