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WordPress Website Development, How hard is it to develop?

Updated 21 day ago

Are you planning to develop a WordPress site on your own? These pointers will make you help to develop easily.

What do you need before you install WordPress

  • A web hosting service either shared or Dedicated that supports MySQL databases and PHP
  • Download the WordPress source code or majorityof hosting providers will let you install from your control panel. Please follow the instructions.
  • A WordPress theme
  • Ideally, PHP and MySQL installed on your local machine for faster testing
  • Some time of yours to learn few basics of PHP/CSS/HTML if you want to customize it more...

If you have your own custom design/stylesheet, try to prepare the HTML in the following way

WordPress Website development process :
Web Hosting

  • One of the main requirements for building and running a website is web hosting. You should select a good web hosting provider that is efficient and easy to use, additionally it should provide unlimited hosting of domains and email accounts. KTree Recommends DigitalOcean as they are very easy to setup.

Install WordPress

  • The next step involves installing WordPress from its website. It is recommended to install WordPress using the one-click WP installation feature with Fantastico.

Upload a WordPress Template

  • Find a nice WordPress theme for your website and just upload it, then activate it in the WP admin panel.

Modify the Theme

  • Modify the theme according to your specifications.

The steps stated above are the basic steps involved in developing a website using WordPress. The steps are simple and self explanatory even for a beginner.

Customizing your WordPress website
WordPress Backups

  • Before you start adding content it is important that you set up backups for your WordPress website.

WordPress Plugins

  • WordPress allows you to easily add extra functionality to your blog through the use of Plugins. Head over to the official WordPress Plugins page where there are over 2,500 free plugins to choose from. If you find one you like, upload it and then activate it from the ‘Plugins’ tab in the dashboard. There are wide range of plugins available for your website that include:
    • WordPress forum plugin
    • WordPress form plugin
    • WordPress theme
    • WordPress plugin video
    • WordPress plugin twitter
    • WordPress gallery plugin
    • WordPress image plugin
    • WordPress Plugin CMS
    • WordPress security plugins etc.

WordPress Widgets

  • Most themes available allow you to add new ‘Widgets’ into the sidebar of your blog direct from the Dashboard.

WordPress SEO optimization and WordPress CMS

  • There are millions of websites and blogs available on the Internet in order to make your website stand out you need to add some SEO tweaks to your website and also install plugins to make your website Search engine friendly and increase the traffic on your website.WordPress Content Management System (CMS) is used for maintaining the website.