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WordPress is best corporate CMS development and Why

Updated 21 day ago

WordPress is definitely the best option for Corporate CMS Development for numerous reason that are mentioned below and it is because of all those efficient and highly compatible features that WordPress has proved its worth by getting the best open source CMS award for 2009.

Nowadays a lot of corporate companies are either starting their CMS development with WordPress or switching to WordPress for CMS development. WordPress is a Content Management System and is a free open source for blog publishing application. It is an extremely useful tool, and is highly recommended when taking you or your business online. There are lot of features that make WordPress popular among the corporate. WordPress has also developed custom themes for corporate, which gives their website an efficient and enhanced look.

Many people, from the small business owner, to the entrepreneur, to even big corporations are using WordPress for CMS development. You can use it for almost any website that you want and is completely customizable.

WordPress Features :

  • The main feature of WordPress is that it is a free open source so the corporate only have to pay for web hosting and some comprehensive features.
  • One does not need to install multiple anti Spam plugins as it already has a pre-installed Akismet for blocking Spam in the background.
  • WordPress does not require any major programming or coding knowledge so it is definitely provides a simple CMS development interface. WordPress is easy to install,set up and develop.
  • One great thing with WordPress is you can rearrange the widgets you have on your site without even editing HTML or the PHP codes. You can also adjust the themes that you install, and they can be changed easily to a new theme because WordPress mostly uses a template system. The PHP and HTML codes may be edited allowing more advanced customization's for your site. WordPress also features integrated link management and automatic filters for style and formatting of texts in the articles used on your site. Not to mention that it also nice with trackback and pingback standards, you can display links to another sites that are linked to an article or post.
  • Another very important aspect of the WordPress CMS development plat form is that it is highly extensible. It has been stated on the WordPress site that it the basic principle of WordPress is to keeps its core code as light and fast as possible but at the same time provide a rich and highly extend able frame work for its community to develop further and expand.
  • An advantage of hosting with WordPress is that they take care of all back end upgrades, bug fixes and security issues. So when a new WordPress version is released, you need not go through the WordPress upgrade routine every time, it is done automatically without any FTP skills required.
  • WordPress keeps backing up your website automatically and you need perform daily backups of your blog, just in case your server had a hardware failure.
  • If you need any help to fix an issue or if you require to make some changes to your wordpress corporate website , the WordPress forums have a lot of active members that can guide you and provide you support and solutions to the problems.
  • WordPress users can take advantage of features designed to make site management easier, such as “widgets” which give control over how items in a sidebar can be customized and rearranged. Custom features can added to WordPress through the use of “plug-ins”. Developers have created many easy to use plug-ins such as polling features, audio/video plugins,social media plugins etc.

If your website requires changes to its design and theme at frequent intervals it would be easy to accommodate all the customization's and changes with out affecting or disrupting the content of your wordpress corporate site, in fact in order to even make these changes one does not need learn any coding.

WordPress gives the users the option to include multiple plugins as the requirements arises. The WordPress plugin directory has approximately 7000 plugins and It has been reported that these plugins have gone through around 55 million downloads. There are plugins that will help boost your WordPress corporate site in the search engines, plugins that will allow visitors to easily share the information on the WordPress corporate site and plugins that will make the WordPress corporate website's navigation and permalinks easy and efficient. The plugins include SEO plugins which help in making your WordPress corporate website search engine friendly and increases its traffic and WordPress also provides social media plugins to stay connected with the social networking websites.

Thus, a lot of corporate,big and small entrepreneurs are establishing and spreading their online presence with WordPress CMS development.