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Web Standards (Part 2): What are web standards?

Updated 21 day ago

Web standards drafting principal organizations have categorized the web standards to define detailed and helpful protocols to benefit a particular area of WWW. All the categories together servers best when each area supports the other area in its own ways. The standards are categorized as:

  • Web Design and Applications
  • Web Architecture
  • XML Technology
  • Web of Services
  • Web of Devices
  • Browsers and Authoring Tools

Web Design and Applications:

This section of web standards mostly focus on rendering web pages which are created using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language), APIs (Application Program Interface), SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), and other technologies that are used to create web pages. These standards focus on proper web application pages without any breaks or missing things.

Web Architecture:

This section mostly concentrates on aspects like architecture principles, identifiers, protocols, meta format, protocols and meta format considerations, and internationalization.
Principals give a clear view on the technological advances and the issues that might rise when zeroed on a technology. For each technology there will be limitations that should be considered, these principles should be followed to make the web application better.
Identifiers are no complex than simple names, every element should be properly named to identify and the naming should be done according to the standards. These identifiers are like URL, URI, IRI, etc.
Meta formats is the technology of coding which doesn’t need a defined syntax and we can use this formats in any technology as is compatible and easy understood by any other language. This formats should be used to limit the issues while connection to multiple platforms. Few examples of Meta formats are XML, RDF, and JSON.
There are various protocols to exchange our information through internet. The protocol should be well picked to match the requirement and architecture of the application. Protocols like HTTP, XML, and SOAP work in their respective areas and we can use one or combination to exchange the data.
Joining the document using identifiers makes using the proper protocols is very important to bring the desired rich and effective interactions.
The development should be internationally recognized meaning it should use internationalized conventions so that different users, communities, cultures, languages, and regions could understand.

XML Technology:

XML Technologies the source to exchange the data between cross platforms, so for the other platforms to understand the received information the XLM should be well implemented with proper Namespaces, Schema, XSLT, Efficient XML Interchange (EXI), and other related standards.

Web of Services:

Web services are of various forms such as HTTP, XML, REST, SOAP, WSDL, etc. On selection of a proper service to communicate between devices will help the application successful. Few concerns should be taken care of, like, protocol, security, service type or description, and standards.

Web of Devices:

The application should be accessible from anywhere at any time with any device that can be accessed with. Following the web standards for portability in device level will make the application successful. The latest device like mobile phones, mobile devices, etc should be accessible.

Browsers and Authoring Tools:

In the technologically advanced era, you web application should be accessible from any of the web browsers and authorizing tools for accessing web content. There might be different type and versions of browsers, but if the application works in all the versions and types without any missing CSS or data then the applications is said to be in good standards. Apart from browsers, there are standardized audio/video players – making sure the audio/video content is working in such players is very important for a successful application.

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