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Talend SOAP and REST WebServices Usage Document

Updated 21 day ago

Talend SOAP and REST WebServices Usage Document :

Procedure for SOAP Web service Usage in talend as follows:

1.Drag and drop tWebserviceInput components from palette and provide SOAP URL in WSDL as shown in screenshot.

2.Creating Stubs for using SOAP API in Talend job :

Go to Advanced setting TAB - - >Enable Advance Use - - > Click button beside WSDL2Java , which create stubs as shown in below screenshot .

3.Magento Java Stubs Generated in routines as shown in screen shot:

4.Stubs usage for SOAP API as shown in below screenshot :

Using Prototype produced by Stubs to interact with SOAP API .

  1. Getting SessionID with Login Method with parameters : Magento API Username, Magento Password .

  2. After that using Call method with parameters as SessionID , Custom/Predefined Method name which gives Response depending on method

5.Sample Magento Response as shown in below screen-shot :

Procedure for REST Web service Usage in talend as follows:

  1. Drag and drop tRestClient component from palette and provide Rest instance URL in URL Location as shown in below screen shot .

    1. Use Http Method : Get and Accept Type : JSON .

  1. Select Advanced settings Tab and provided details as shown in screen shot :

    1. Http Headers : We can pass API Username and Password in Http Headers if any exist for Rest API .

    2. Here we can Provide ConnectionTimeout and Receive Timeout in Seconds .

         3. Extracting Json Response getting from REST API using tParseJSON as shown Screen-Shot :

3.After executing the job , REST Response is as follows :

4.Screen-Shot of talend job of parsing REST API Json response .


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