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Steps to setup the Human Resources module in Odoo(Recruitment & Manage Attandance)

Updated 1 month and 27 days ago

Recruitment stages

  • Degree
  • Application source

Manage attendance (Sign in / Sign out)

Recruitment stages

Recruitment stages can be created and edited as needed. The following screenshot displays the stages list view.

  1. Create new stage

  2. Stage name

  3. Status of recruitment which this stage represents, can be one of new, refused, in progress, pending, hired.


These are the defined degrees in the system which can be assigned to applications. The following screenshot shows the interface for degrees list view and creation button.

  1. Create new degree/qualification.

  2. Current degrees/qualification.

Application source

These define the methods from which applications arrive to the firm which can be assigned to applications. The following screenshot shows the interface for sources of application configuration and creation button.

  • Create new source of applications

  • Current list of application sources

Manage attendance (Sign in / Sign out)

In some companies, staff have to sign in when they arrive at work and sign out again at the end of the day. Once each employee has been linked to a system user, they can sign into OpenERP by clicking on the icon at top-right.

If an employee has forgotten to sign out on leaving, the system proposes that they sign out manually and type in the time that they left when they come in again the next day. This gives you a simple way of managing forgotten sign-outs.

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