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Setting up Finance/Accounting module in Odoo (Sub Menus & Customer Accounting)

Updated 3 months ago


Sub Menus

Customer accounting

  • Customers

  • Customer Invoices

  • Customer refunds


Odoo Accounting section is the area where the user carries out the day to day accounting operations for the business.

Standards Followed

Double-entry bookkeeping.

Accrual and Cash Basis Methods.


Accounts Receivable & Payable.

We have a simple step wise guide that will help you to do Accounting entries like a pro.
This blog post will serve as a guide for any of the below accounting posting.

  • Create customers/suppliers

  • view and manage customer/supplier invoices

  • view and manage customer/supplier refunds

  • manage sales receipts and purchase receipts

  • manage customer/supplier payments

  • manage bank statements and cash registers

  • manage journal entries and items

  • manage chart of accounts and chart of taxes

  • manage re-curing entries and reconciliation

We documented how Odoo places various accounting menus for your convenience.

Sub menus

The following screen-shot shows the sub menu items in the accounting section :

1. Accounting area main menu
2. Customer accounting management
3. Supplier accounting management  
4. Bank statements: Summary of all financial transactions occurring over a given period for each account
5. Cash register: Cash log to manage cash entries in cash journals, allowing business to track incoming and outgoing cash transactions
6. Journal items
7. Journal entries  
8. Chart of accounts  
9. Chart of taxes

10. Draft entries
11. Reconciliation
12. Recurring entries
13. End of period
14. Legal reports
15. Generic reporting
16. Configuration section of accounting area

Customer accounting

Odoo allows us to create and send professional invoices and record payments online. There is no need to send reminders to your debtors instead set automated follow-ups to get paid more quickly. Automatically create invoices from sales orders, delivery orders or base them on time and material. You can also Invoice expenses on projects to your customer.


This section allows a user to search current customers or add a new customer to the system.

The following screen-shot displays the customer kanban view :

  1. Create new customer button.

  2. Current customer view with some info about customer.

Customer invoices

The following screen-shot displays the list view for customer invoices :

  1. Create new invoice by clicking on button.

  2. Invoice list with various info about invoice.

  3. Invoice status, draft, paid, etc.

The following screen-shot displays an open invoice (once clicked on from list view) :