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Open VPN Configuration

Updated 21 day ago

You can deploy openvpn on your network in just 15mins. Lets have a small intro on OpenVPN Community Edition. When we have community edition why do we need enterprise. Though we can configure enterprise easily with GUI, Community edition can be deployed in simple way from command line & also GUI with 3rd party tools.

  • Enterprise edition has only 2 concurrent FREE users, for more users we need to purchase license(5$ per user/year). Where as in community edition we can use “N” no of users with out purchasing any licences.

Key Configuration where you need to decide

  • We need to decide which kind of networking mode we need to go with(TUN/TAP).
  • TUN is the bridged network which will be created by the openvpn service.
  • TAP is the bridged network which we need to setup manually.
  • Get done with the Self generated SSL certificate which can be used for client authentication.
  • Install the openvpn services using source file or rpm's.
  • Routing need to be done in order to have an access to the local system for the client.
  • IP Forwarding needs to be configured.
  • Add users in the same server with required shell types.

Client side requirements to get connected to your OpenVPN.

  • OpenVPN client installation needs to be done. Which is also opensource.
  • Required *.ovpn and certificate to add the connection in vpn client.
  • Username and password to get connected to the VPN.

Thats it, you will be done with the opensource VPN setup on your network.