Magento is a boon, no doubt. Right from its flexible, feature-rich open source and enterprise eCommerce solutions to streamlined third-party integration’s and built-in tools, it has almost everything that you, as the potential owner of an online store, can ask for. And apparently, all you need to do is to hunt for someone who knows Magento development inside out and can help you go all guns blazing with whatever it is that you offer.Or maybe not! Perhaps you shouldn’t look any further. Because at KTree, we love Magento for its rewarding flexibility- it is a niche we shine the most, by producing our bespoke modules and customization’s to extend its existing functionality with useful features and automation aspect.

Combining decades of Magento experience, our competent and skilled team assists you in ramping up your online business model, suggests you the optimal way of devising your product catalog using different products variants ranging from simple, configurable to bundle and offers help in managing attribute sets and groups. Not just that, our folks are well versed with the science behind how search and SEO plays well for your Magento store and ways to keep promotions, shipping and taxation rules- right on the money.

Enriching E-commerce Success Since 2008
The very moment we worked on Magento in 2008, we knew we found a winner – not just because of its rich architecture and built-in widgets, but also because of the flexibility, security and functionality that it brings on the table. With a blend of innovation and creativity, our laser-focused solutions have helped numerous clients harness the power of Magento in developing state-of-art online store and Oh! did we mention? with reduced total cost of ownership.

Never Compromise on Quality and Practices!

All of us here at KTree have one thing in common, we never keep Quality on the back foot! With technical adeptness, user insight and cutting-edge approach, we design innovative strategies giving utmost care to high quality metrics and best-in-class industry standards. Our trademark is agile, feature-rich sites with user-friendly interfaces that delight the customer. Immersing ourselves in your brand vision and values, we’ll help you make an indelible mark on the online retail landscape.

Trusted by Businesses like Yours

As an Open Source technical agency we take pride in our collaboration to work with some of the world’s most influential brands; we thus have the unrivaled experience and capability to deliver the most challenging eCommerce projects.

With a powerful team force of 150+ professionals, we enjoy world-class technical expertise in areas like PHP, UI development, Mobile, JAVA, Python, web and custom application development. Our clients include a range of e-commerce business, digital agencies and more who rely on us and more importantly trust us to provide the best technical development, support and consulting services.

We believe in creating shared pool of knowledge. Following our core values, we have built several extensions for Magento (most of them freely available on magentoconnect) that have received rave reviews for the community forums. In fact following our community plugins, one of the leading eCommerce giant of Belgium recently approached us for augmenting and maximizing the potential of his Magento store after examining the mastery we possess in bespoke plugin development and tailor-made customization’s over Magento.

So, what are you waiting for? Accelerate your eCommerce brand and start making the most of Magento! get in touch with us today