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Install WordPress on your own or through Installation Service providers

Updated 21 day ago

Getting WordPress installed by WordPress installation service provides has a lot of benefits-

It would be time saving as WordPress installation would be done by a bunch of professionals who have successfully installed WordPress multiple times. One of the best ways to ensure strong security for your WordPress-powered site is to secure its foundations during the installation process. WordPress installation service providers will provide you with a secure WordPress website.

  • WordPress Blog Security

Because the database is associated with virtually everything you do on your site, it is best to perform any modifications before configuring your options, installing plugins, and adding options. During the installation process, there are some effective ways of increasing the overall security of your WordPress site.

One of the first things that we do to bolster security is to setup a proper database, user, and password.
WordPress Installation providers would also include the following Security measure to make WordPress Secure:

  • Setting up a secure configuration file
  • Implement Authentication Unique Keys
  • Change the default database table prefix
  • Setting up a secure administration
  • changing the default Admin user name
  • Protecting the WP-admin directory
  • Password-protect by implementing secondary password protection via basic HTTP authentication.

Apart from handling all your WordPress security issues we will also install and setup several useful plugins for your WordPress website.

The commonly installed WordPress Plugins are -

  • We will Get and Install All-in-One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack is a must have plugin if you want your blog ranks higher in search engine.

  • Install WP Security Scan

It scans and checks your files and folders for any vulnerabilities.

  • Install WordPress Stats

This is used to see your website stats for the day (or the week, month, etc) in a ‘quick’ format, right within the WP dashboard, without having to go to Google Analytics or load other applications.

  • Google XML Sitemap Generator

The Google XML Sitemap Generator will create a sitemap for your blog.

  • Akismet

Akismet is a powerful anti Spam plugin for WordPress.

  • WP DB Backup

It allows WordPress users to easily backup the database. This is essential so that you won’t lost your content even if your site get hacked.

In brief WordPress installation service provides include a comprehensive set of tools, plugins and techniques consisting of SEO, security, cache plugins and installation consisting of WordPress blog installation, WordPress theme installation etc that would enhance the functionality of your website and make it easy and efficient for you to use and administer.