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Importance of WordPress CMS

Updated 21 day ago

What is CMS?

For those who are new to the entire web application concept, here is a little briefing regarding CMS.
CMS short for Content Management System is a software implemented as a web application for creating and managing HTML content. CMS basically includes document control, auditing, editing, and time line management. Content management is not just restricted to HTML documents but in fact includes images,and other form for media.

Content management is not just restricted to HTML documents but in fact includes images,and other form for media.

Why WordPress CMS?

WordPress has been gaining immense popularity over the months and recently it has proved its worth by winning in the 2009 Open Source CMS Awards by beating out MODx, SilverStripeand a bunch of other such favorites. It marks a transition from being a blog site to a complete CMS software. WordPress is rapidly taking over all the other CMS platform software's.

Benefits of using WordPress :

  • WordPress has a “5 – minute “ installation procedure,which makes even the installation and setup process convenient for beginners.
  • The developers can create professional WordPress themes, including custom WordPress design templates. They can also develop custom WordPress plugins or even customize any third party plugins to enrich the CMS driven website with features.
  • WordPress is built for blogging. Whether you have a standalone business blog or a small page-based website, WordPress has all the CMS features you need.
  • WordPress has earned users favor by being simple, flexible, and powerful. And the more one uses it, the more we understand how simple, flexible, and powerful it truly is.
  • WordPress is an open source blog publishing program that’s easy to setup and free to use. You use WordPress to manage posts, comments and files.

What makes WordPress CMS ideal?

WordPress provides an easy and simple CMS development option particularly for people with moderate knowledge of computers,novices and people who are inclined towards CMS development. The best feature of WordPress CMS is that it can easily be used and implemented by any one who has basic knowledge of computers.
It provides additional functionalities for the users who are not very proficient with coding and techniques. If you have a blog that requires additional pages, WordPress is the perfect solution. You can easily manage page content with WordPress CMS.

WordPress CMS Features:

  • WordPress Installation and use

It has a simple and fast installation procedure. Its easy to understand and use,it has a GUI ( Graphical User Interface),that provides simple and efficient options and doesn't have a very complicated administration interface. It has a good interface that makes the process of creating and managing your content quick and productive. It can be used by anyone who is not computer savvy.

  • WordPress CMS Theme

WordPress CMS gives you the option to choose from their comprehensive appealing themes and templates,which makes it ideal for a beginner, on the other hand it also has the option that enables the experienced developers to customize their own design with out any major restriction, they can customize templates,designs and themes according to their requirements. WordPress CMS promotes its ability to be easily modified.

  • WordPress Plugin CMS

WordPress lets you incorporate multiple helpful features into your site by letting you integrate the use of multiple plugins and tools.Plugins greatly enhance the features of your site by providing its users with extensible useful options for interfacing with your website.

  • WordPress Development

As mentioned earlier WordPress CMS is ideal for novices who have no programming knowledge and still have the option to take advantage of all the WordPress features related to design and other functionalities. It lets you edit content with out having any need for code.

  • Optimized for Performance and Speed

WordPress CMS is a simple and light weight software,it does not hinder your page loading speed.

  • WordPress Security Issues

Adequate security for your site is very important and must be in place in order to protect your content. A lot of security precautions can be employed with WordPress, apart from the security techniques that can be implied, WordPress CMS gives you the option of installing several WordPress Security Plugins which help in making your site even more secure.

  • WordPress CMS Support

WordPress users have grown which has determined the developers and the community to grow along with them by creating something more than just a simple blog. Its easy to find solutions to your WordPress related problems with documentation and community support available.

CMS has evolved into more than just publishing content, but also manage your work flow. WordPress CMS allows you to easily conceive, edit, index, and publish content, while giving designers and developers more flexibility in customizing their look and functionality.