HR Idea Junction

Express the Innovations, Receive Votes, Comments & much more.

  • Employees in an organization/company can post/express their ideas followed by Approval of the Managers.
  •  Email Notification is provided as an option for notifying the Users.


Post the Idea, Get Approved, Start Voting, Close the Idea

  • User should be an Employee to post the Idea. Managers will come and Approve/Reject the Idea. When Approved the Idea is now opened for voting, ratings by all the Employees. Finally the Idea is closed by the one who posted the Idea.
  • At the Draft stage of the form the User can opt for the Email Notification.

Track History

Track Comments, Ratings, Attachments etc.

  • A wizard is displayed on the screen to enter the details like Comments, Ratings, Attachments while voting the Idea.
  • Every details along with the Employee info(Name & Department) can be tracked on the Idea Form which helps you to track the details.


Allow/Disallow the Create Access

  • Allow access to create the forms through settings. Only HR Manager can avail the Settings with an option to send Notifications.

Apply Filters

My Ideas, Best Idea, Ideas Of The Year

  • My Ideas is a default filter and User can ever know the Best Idea, Ideas of the year by applying the filters provided.

Any Questions ?

Please contact us if you have any remarks, questions or feature requests.