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How to set Peer Assessment in moodle

Updated 2 months and 30 days ago

Step 1:

Add a workshop to a topic of a course.

Step 2:

Click on save and display.

You will get the following page.

Step 3:


Click ‘Edit assessment form’ link at the shaded area titled ‘setup phase’ in the upper part of this page.

Step 4:

You will get the following page:

Step 5:

For the record,

Some students are already enrolled in the course in which the workshop was set up.

Step 6:

Activate the PHASE 2- Submission phase.

Step 7:

Click on Continue. The Submission phase is now enabled.

Step 8:

Students will now send Assignments.

User will click on the workshop, to find the following page:

Click on submit to provide assignment. You will then get a page to submit your work as follows: