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How To Scale Magento With Integration Tools

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Extend, add-on or replace core functionality of Magento with powerful third-party integration tools.

​The fact that you are using Magento for your online business endeavors is a welcome sign, and it certainly opens up exciting new horizons for you to explore and take advantage of.

Magento being a feature-rich eCommerce platform crafted with unprecedented scalability and control over the functionality is known to all. What's more pleasing is that this open source ecommerce leader allows you to select from thousands of extensions based upon your individual business requirements.

Rather than talking about what’s possible to integrate with Magento and what’s not, why don’t you be the judge and decide as we demonstrate how we at KTree have ripened up Magento beyond the run of the mill features.

So, talk about Magento integration with third-party extensions?

Here’s what we have in store for you.

Magento Integration with POS :

  • For an enterprise-class retail point of sale and ERP system that has all the features required by sophisticated multi-store, multi-channel retailers to run their front-end and back-end operations - we developed a Magento Connector to have efficient record management.
  • Once the plugin is installed in Magento store, the attributes, attribute sets, product and customer records in your Magento site are dynamically created in POS (or vice versa) and thus your POS and eCommerce systems are integrated and continually synced.
  • Following are some of the key accomplishments in this undertaking :-
  • Bidirectional Sync Between Magento and POS :​

    • The Connector allows to sync and transfer records automatically in bidirectional way from Magento stores into POS and vise versa.
    • The sync process is equipped to handle not just updated information but also any new records created.
    • Below items are managed in this two-way data sync:
      • Products.
      • Attribute Sets.
      • Categories.
      • Orders.
      • Customers.
      • Invoices.​
  • Enables automatic update of balance stock and inventory in POS when you sell items in Magento store :

    • Below entities are effortlessly managed and Sync :-

      • From Magento :

        • Credit Memo.
        • Order Shipment.
        • Refund.
      • From POS :

        • Sale Transaction.
        • Work Order Consumption.
        • Inventory Adjustment.
      • Pricing :

        • Tax inclusive Pricing.
        • Tier Pricing.
        • Web Pricing (Magento).
        • Customer Pricing.  
  • Health status of sync operations to carry out monitoring checks :

    • Real-time logs of sync status to examine agility of operatives

  • Imports and Exports :

    • Ability to import from Magento the following parameters :

      • Attribute sets.
      • Products.
      • Categories.
  • Ability to export to Magento the following parameter :

    • Products.

  • Upgrades :

    • This is facilitated by various means, some of them noteworthy of mention includes :

      • Upgrade via admin by the user directly.
      • Push notification updates for upgrade.
      • Using automation mechanism to upgrade large bandwidth of instances at once.  
  • Magento Plugin Install :

    • Created a Magento Plugin available for Installation through Magento Connect.

    • The plugin offers :​

      • Wizard to pull records (products, categories, attribute, etc..) from POS or to push data from Magento to POS.

      • Wizard to allow viability for POS inventory sync settings.

      • Auto upgrades.

      • Installation with payment provider- Recurly.​

  • Uninstallation of plugin removes all settings, files and relevant data.

  • Gift Card Setup in Magento :

    • User can sell and use POS Gift cards.
    • The user will have to just know that gift card pin to make use of cards.​

Magento- Odoo(OpenERP) connector :

  • Based on the OpenERP Connector framework, we developed a connector which provides additional API methods for two way communication between Openerp and Magento.
  • The module is bi-directional connector - means you can synchronize data from Magento to Openerp and Openerp to Magento both.
  • It can be brought to use by the Multi website, Multi Store, Multi Product category syncs and in real time update of order’s state like invoice generation /payment done/shipment done.    ​

Zencart- Magento Migration :

  • To help our client - a leading distributor of lighting products based in California, who were struggling with paltry performance of their legacy Zen Cart shop; a comprehensive and well-measured data migration was streamed from Zencart to Magento.
    During the migration, we ensure a fitting relocation of categories, products, customers, orders, images and other key entities.    

Ticketing Systems In Magento :

  • We Integrated Magento with Zendesk ticketing system to deliver top-notch customer support services.

  • This predominantly helped the sales hub in delivering smart, personalized, timely service.​

Magento - IceCat Integration :

  • KTree formulated an open-channel system by employing Magento as an eCommerce platform and Talend as ETL tool to develop an online shop that can handle a lot and yet is easy to use.

  • IceCat is used as a catalog to fetch over 10 million products, which gets updated on hourly basis on the basis of precise supplier/vendor filters.

  • The synergized structure facilitated well ordered data extraction and loading, thereby providing goods and services with the best combination of value, price, quality and design.

Bespoke Shipping Matrix :

  • A customized shipping algorithm was developed that steers logistic operatives on the basis of several determinations such as :

    • Weight
    • Destination
    • Price
    • Delivery Type
    • Region
    • Customer Group
    • Shipping Group
    • Totaling Algorithm
    • Tax rule
    • Custom matrix generation logic and more..

Custom Search Engines :

  • For a renowned automotive accessories supplier, located in South Nigeria, we developed a standardized, feature rich online shop.
    At the heart of this online shop - is a nifty search, which tracks the spare parts desired on the basis of their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
    Moreover, to enrich the customer’s experience and ease of access, another sorting based action was employed that carries out search on the basis of key product attribute combination such as Year, Make, Model and Engine.

One Page Checkout :

  • Customization's were furnished to have a single page checkout, which would enhance the customer’s engagement thereby increasing the site conversion rate & revenue.

  • We re-engineered the checkout mechanism by enabling quick fire one page checkout for various stores.

Magento Integration With Leading Sales Channels :

  • KTree has performed robust integration of Magento with amazon and ebay to manage all sales channel from Magento system.

Custom Payment Gateway Development :

  • We architected custom payment module for our client (a UN subsidiary) that helped that streamline specifics of payment flow on their online shop.

Well, those were some of the exemplary integration's and customization's we completed in recent past.

One thing you should know about us is, we relish the opportunity to work with new clients. If you have a project you would like to discuss, why not  get in touch?

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