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Deploy workflow portlet to Liferay Page

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Domain: Liferay

Version: 6.1.2 CE

Module: Kaleo Workflow

To manage Workflow requests assigned to a person, Liferay accommodates to assign/review/approve/reject process from Control Panel.My Account section. Sometimes Company Portal doesn’t like to give Control panel access to members to review workflow requests. In this scenario Workflow portlet UI should deploy to any of the Liferay pages. Out of the box Liferay doesn’t give process to deploy a Workflow portlet to private/public pages. To achieve this we can follow below ways
Implement ext-plugin to deploy workflow portlet on a page
Modify Liferay-display.xml
As you know writing up ext-plugin will cause changes to the Core Lifeay and maintenance also will be more. So, I verified other possibilities to deploy workflow portlet on to the page and identified an xml file which can be used to include portlets in Liferay Add Portlets to the Page feature. To achieve this follow below steps
Navigate to Lifreay tomcat ROOT/WEB-INF folder
Open Liferay-display.xml file
Add a new category to display Workflow portlets in the available list.

<category name="Workflow">
        <portlet id="153" />
        <portlet id="158" />

Restart the server then go and search from available portlet list you can find Workflow portlet in the List.

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