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CSV Import in to DataBase(MySQL)

Updated 21 day ago

CSV Import in to DataBase(MySQL) :

1.Drag and drop tFileInputdelimited component from palette and provide the csv file path , columns details as shown in below ScreenShots:

Add CSV columns to tfileinputdelimited schema by clicking Button beside edit Schema ,which will open an tab as shown in below screen shot.

  1. Here we can add new column by clicking on “+” button and edit the name , data type of column

  1. Extracting and validating the CSV Data using tJavarow component as shown in below ScreenShot :

  1. Below ScreenShot shows CSV columns mapping to Mysql Table fields for inserting CSV data to MySQL Table :

  1. Talend job execution in talend studio syncing CSV data to MySQL table and logs showing the number of records inserted in to Mysql:

  1. Talend job CSV data inserting in to Mysql database ScreenShot :

  • After that using Call method with parameters as