Our Client is an independent digital electric company with a goal of using their expertise in information technology and electricity market to provide customers more discounts and deals on thier electricity Bills.


  • The Client is an independent digital electricity Company having the vision to simplfy the complex business process.
  • Wanted to implement cheaper, smarter way to use the electricity and increase the customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • The complex logical layer and the interactions between the website and third party integration’s are written in PHP and Python code.
  • As the data was captured every half an hour from smart meter database views were effectively written to refresh the data periodically.
  • Wanted to take advantage of Smart meter technology so that customers gets benefited with more Savings.
  • The architecture has been built with integration of the components and frameworks like OpenERP, Yii, Postgress, Postfix, Pentaho.
  • Increase online presence and use smart meter technology to simply the process and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Use information technology and successfully provide a cheaper and smarter way to use the electricity and pass on the cost savings benefit to the end consumers.
  • Allow users to compare their current bill and know the price difference and savings
  • The website is built on Yii framework where the customer would start the signup process by providing all the necessary details and quickly switch the electricity provider in matter of minutes.
  • A live helper chat is enabled for the customers at the company website for prompt reply.
    Implemented a Google address search functionality in Homepage to find the customer address quickly.
  • Utilize the opportunity to combine their expertise in information technology and the electricity market.
  • Strip electricity back to its essentials, take it online, and put the power back with the consumer, thereby increase customer satisfaction and Loyalty of consumers.
  • View and generate reports using the existing information stored in database.
  • Website is integrated with the following using web services (SOAP and REST ), (Centrix) Credit check service (Debitsuccess)payment processing,
    (EA registry)Electricity authority.
  • A customer support Dashboard and support email process where customer can create a support ticket track-able by Admin.
  • Implemented a simple and easy registration process with quick verification and approval process framework.

  • Integrate the Yii website with Centrix and Debit success.

  • Intraction with other applications, components and frameworks like OpenERP, Pentaho, Helper chat, PostgresSQL, Postfix etc.

  • Wanted to Simplify the business process and improve the customer satisfaction.



  • Very fast customer signup process and immediate approval of potential customers.

  • Data flow seamlessly between multiple services and applications and reduce duplicity and provide up to date information for all the users.

  • Smart meter technology is effectively used to cut down the additional cost for customers, which inturn provides more savings.
    Google address search helps users to find exact address and helps to track respective ICP.

  • Increased in customer satisfaction
    Multiple functions can be performed by a single user and drastically improved efficiency.

  • Customers would get faster responses and resolution to their queries and issues with the help of new customer support service implemented.

  • Support ticket and chat services has further simplified the business process and allows administrator to offer better services to customers.

  • Reporting helps the administrator in better decission making and forcast.

  • Increased in response efficiency.

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