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Our client is one of the largest auto parts distribution and marketing organizations in the world, marketing the Auto Parts sellers. With store and service center locations throughout North America and Europe, the client is a source for quality parts and service for over 4,600 parts stores and 2,500 certified service centers. KTree has created numerous Liferay Portlets for this client and providing Liferay Development Services for the past 5 years.

Industry : Automobile
USA, Canada, France & Mexico
Autoparts Industry
  • Businesss Requirements and Challenges.

    • A tool was required to be developed by using Liferay assets without using custom tables or other storage components.
    • Client want to use the module to upload & manage the majority of the documents.
    • The client needed a complete end to end module to manage the key factors such as shareholder data, users & the events which needed a completely fresh tool implementation.
    • Other functionalities include:
      Manage access level based on user privileges, Assign Edit Roles to Users, Create & edit new programs, Updating Users with Notification when a Program is Created/Updated by a Shareholders,Manage the uploaded content, Availability to track the uploaded content by date & time, Document functionalities,Providing Users to update/generate HTML content on fly, Program Active/Inactive, Program Version Management.


    • Program management is a wiki backend page to create, post & update information to a specific set of selected orgs(zProductPartners).
    • Access to the Program are restricted based on the permissions of users.
    • Program Management is a platform where alliance members can list the product attributes, share documents of type Price files, Rebates, Special Promo and Bulletin.

    • Roles and Permissions

    • This is a sole place where the updates can be posted in the program and different file can be attached for view/download.
    • It has a Pdf Print option and version comparison feature
    • Individual program is divided into top, Price files, Rebates, Special Promo, Bulletin, Bottom section.

    • Share Documents

  • Features Implemented

    • Developed & Implemented a component to control accessibility through a structured hierarchy where a top level user has to update the program to all sub level users.
    • Developed a robust environment for all the users to view, upload & manage the documents of large size.
    • Each program will be associated to an Org and the org details and user details also will be displayed in the program
    • This Portlet is developed with Vaadin and GWT components to accomplish majority of the requirements.
    • User can also create a what's new blog post from the program.
    • To keep a list of updates & posts, we added Date & Time tracker which records the latest update which automatically generates the version number for each new or edited post.
    • To keep a list of updates & posts, we added Date & Time tracker which records the latest update which automatically generates the version number for each new or edited post.
    • Implemented a functionality where the sub level users can edit a post through a well structured HTML content editor.
    • The creation of a 'Program' has few steps and selections which vary on the type of post being updated.
    • We also implemented authentication process for document viewing and downloading
    • User can also export the program as a pdf format and also print it very easily.
    • The vast availability of Vaadin and GWT components helped to develop the module successfully and delivered & deployed on top of Liferay Portal.

Features Implemented

    • Disseminate information of Programs such as Price files, Promo Offers, Rebates etc once was resource intensive job, but now this has become a single click of button as notifications / emails along with list is sent automatically.
    • To keep a list of updates & posts, we added Date & Time tracker which records the latest update which automatically generates the version number for each new or edited post.
    • Implemented workflow functionality, where a top level user has the access to create a program in PM page for updating a post related to promotions, Bulletins, Fact sheets, Merchandising aid's, price sheet's, product guide's & Rebate.
    • Utilized Liferay Document Management API & implemented custom document component as a sub-module to manage related documents such as Shareholder pricing changes, Promotions, Bulletins & Rebates.
    • Utilized Liferay version mechanism to reflect the changes of Program. And provided operation to compare different versions of a Program & display a result on the changed version content.
    • A program can be copied and recreated.

Result of KTree Liferay Implementation.

    • Version comparisons helped them easily to track and see the changes along with the user who has changed.
    • Program management portlet ability to print to PDF has made users jobs easier to share it to their network members as such they don't need to have this information in word or excel etc.
    • Using the Copy program they can create similar programs or related programs easily without have to start from scratch.
    • Disseminate information of Programs such as Price files, Promo Offers etc once was resource intensive job, but now this has become a single click of button as notifications/emails along with list is sent automatically.
    • Documents are  securely made available to view/ download,  based on user and organization access
    • Restricting access for the programs and also more at granular level(Field Level) has given the partners more confidence to maintain all the programs data in the system.
    • This portlet is now providing Centralized program information of all the vendors and this is being used in other applications
    • Integration of  Program to  user and Organization association helped to track the associations easily.

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