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An application based on Laravel framework 5.5 was built for our client where they can manage all the prepaid cards sold by them. Our client sells prepaid cards to the corporate's directly or through some distribution partners(Master clients) through authorized banks. The distributors who sold the cards can send requests regards to the cards to the client for adding funds to the cards they purchased and updating the status of the cards.

Industry : Prepaid Cards
Country : Mexico
Renowned Company : Mexico
  • Businesss Requirements and Challenges.

    • Integrating Amazon API for all the requests that are coming from corporate portal to admin portal.
    • Integrating of Amazon S3 into the application where we will be saving all the documents that are uploaded by the corporate portal.
    • Selling of prepaid cards is done with a partnership with the banks. 
    • Integrating bank API for verifying the requests that came from corporate portal and get the valid response.
    • Integrating JS widget where we need to get the response from the webservice and making the widget secure.
    • Client also needed a JS widget where he can place it in any application and check the card  balance of the card number that he enters through it.
Laravel Application Dashboard
  • Businesss Requirements and Challenges.

    • Client’s main requirement was to have 2 different applications or instances(admin portal and corporate portal) where one of the application is completely looked by the client and the other is for the distributors (Master clients)where they can have an overview of their respective cards, users and his requests
    • The application which is for admin should contain all the information regards to his employees, total cards, distributors(Master clients), all the requests coming from the other instance for status changes or recharge of the cards.
    • Admin also needed a dashboard where he will have a look into the coming requests from the corporate portal.
    • Client also needed a JS widget where he can place it in any application and check the card balance of the card number that he enters through it.
    • Admin also needed a dashboard where he will have a look into the coming requests from the corporate portal
    • We had to maintain different kind of reports for the admin as he needs to have an overview of all the business running and must be able to download those reports for his reference.
    • All the requests coming from the corporate portal to admin portal are handled by the Amazon API gateway.
    • In corporate portal we provided an option for the distributors to upload their receipts once the payments are done to the bank. All the receipts that are uploaded by the clients are stored in S3 and from where both the corporate portal and admin portal can access them for verification.
    • Client also needed an overview of all the user log and activity log of his users who is logging into the application and performing actions based on their roles.
    • Selling of prepaid cards is done with a partnership with the banks.
  • Architecture diagram

    • All the requests that are coming different devices is handled through amazon API gateway.
    • All the requests are processed in the admin portal and send back the respective response.
    • Here the admin portal is restricted to specific IP's only for security purpose.Role based access to the data
    • We used Asgard plugin for defining roles and permissions
    • Encore module package for admin module
    • Used Sentinal login for logging into the corporate portal
    • Laravel excel for export and import functionality
    • Asgard plugin for defining widgets in dashboards
why KTree for Laravel Development


    • Admin will have overview of all the actions that are performed in the portal.
    • Reconciliation,Getting activities from the bank using web services regularly with cron setup or through manual request
    • The admin portal is restricted to only few IP’s for security purpose.
    • Admin will be able to access all the master clients respective cards and users.
    • Increased in customer satisfaction

    • Corporate portal is the instance which is specially designed for master clients(distributors)
    • In corporate portal clients will be having access to check with their respective cards and users.
    • All the requests which are received by the admin module are sent from this portal via amazon API gateway.
    • Master client admin will have access to all the requests that are sent and the response received for their requests.
    • Increased in response efficiency.

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