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App Bundles Implemented: Project management, CRM Management, Contract management, Product Management, Purchase Management, Knowledge, Requisition, Recruitment, Human Resource management, Warehouse Management, Finance and Accounting, Multi Company.

Engineering Solutions
Country: U.S.A & INDIA
Embedded Systems Company
  • Businesss Requirements and Challenges.

    • Process Global Travel requests.
    • Efficient management of Inventory.
    • Manage Ticketing and SLA Management.
    • Sales and Business Heads.
    • Plan capacity globally.
    • Manage Procurement process.
    • Efficiently manage Human Resources.
    • Efficient Project Management Process.
  • Results

    • Reimbursement process has been simplified using Accounts payable to do reimbursement and offset with expenses by creating Accounts receivable entries.
    • We have provided Multi level approval configuration which served the purpose of procurement.
    • Unique tool that catered incoming shipment, inspection procedures from one place, so most critical aspects were covered.
    • With Ktree's Expertise in CRM solution building our application provided interactive analysis on new Leads, conversion rate per Sales person.
    • We provided a Solution that caters to all the requirement in human resource process.
    • Simple application features that allows to match more effectively to the project needs. IT form master which Manager plans yearly list of IT products to be used in a financial year by all the Department managers.
    • At the same time we developed simple interface where complete tracking of related RFQ for a Material request can be done.
    • With Ktree's ERP implementation expertise support ticketing solution was implemented.
    • Planning form that gives the Department manager access to update the monthly hardware and software requirements with preference
    • All Asset could be tracked as each movement was carried out by Asset assignment, De-assignment flow from the tool.
    • Create new projects and monitor deliverables and deadlines from a single tool.
    • Managing hiring for new positions to resource information management and periodic performance evaluation became way easier after our customized solution implementation.
    • Managing hiring for new positions to resource information management and periodic performance evaluation became way easier after our customized solution implementation.
  • Solutions Approach

    • The client was able to use the application immediately after Implementation.
    • Creating new projects and monitor essential activities from a single tool.
    • Deployed Travel request process, used custom objects to process travel request with vital travel related information.
    • Internal email communication and proper tracking increased the visibility and accountability of the company.
    • Boards of directors were able to generate the report for each accounting entity separately or unified to verify the cash flow, fund flow, cost target and exchange and gain rates using multi-currency.
    • Common platform provided a smooth and faster results on financial transactions.
    • Business Requirements to efficiently manage Human Resources.
    • Finance managers were able to notify for the Project manager and deliver managers in case of any discrepancy.
    • Consolidated reports and dashboard created a smooth transition to new application for boards of directors.
    • Client was able to track each entry and post using different reports, time sheet and invoicing of PO using personal and global dashboards functionality.

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KTree, a Global IT Company

What and how the processes are structured in KTree?

KTree follows CMMi process to T. Defined and Mature processes for Coding, Code Reviewing Exercises, QA Process with focus on Performance testing & Load Testing

Where is KTree's Web and Mobile application Development done?

Most of our Development is done from our Hyderabad Development Center. Hyderabad is known for its rich heritage and exotic food apart from abundant IT Talent.

How KTree makes outsourcing project a positive experience?

True collaboration, transparent and constant communication, visibility and traceability are the key for success. The other major one being requirements engineering.

What is Success mantra of KTree, as one of the respected web development company?

Agile Methodology + Strong Documentation + Powerful Web & Mobile Frameworks + Solid KTree Team = Great Web & Mobile Applications within time.

Any other Differentiation which KTree has, which it can offer?

Having worked on hundreds of Web & Mobile Application projects, KTree teams tremendous knowledge & expertise gives very good head-start for projects which helps clients save many man-months

What Development methodology KTree follows and why?

KTree development team follows Agile methodology because of its suitability to web and mobile application development. Scrum helps improve Agility due to its simplicity and flexibility

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