An entertainment and news company needed a scalable and reliable backend for their Short News App, capable of handling user authentication, user data storage, media storage, push notifications, and other backend operations. After thorough consideration of different options, we chose Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud as the ideal backend for their mobile application.We decided to use a combination of AWS services such as Amazon Cognito, AppSync, Lambda, DynamoDB, Elastic Search, S3, MediaConvert, Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Eventbridge, Pinpoint, API Gateway, and Simple Email Service (SES) to build the mobile application’s backend.

Aws Cognito

  • We chose Amazon Cognito for user authentication, and we configured the phone number as the key attribute for sign-in and sign-up. We enabled custom Lambda triggers, which send an OTP to the verified phone number using a third-party provider called TextlLocal. We also enabled unauthenticated identities in the Identity Pool to grant public access to a few APIs.

AppSync Services

  • We defined the schema for mutations, queries, and subscriptions and attached resolvers to them. We created data sources as per requirement (AWS_DYNAMO, AWS_LAMBDA) and created functions using Apache VTL or Appsync JS runtime. We used AWS subscriptions on mutations to handle updates.


  • Lambda functions were chosen for their serverless architecture, allowing for flexible and scalable backend operations. We created Lambda functions with Node.js runtime, enabling us to write and deploy code easily. To maintain the code properly, we utilized the serverless architecture to abstract the underlying infrastructure, allowing us to focus solely on the code logic. Additionally, we configured permissions to allow access to DynamoDB and other services as needed, ensuring secure and efficient access to all necessary resources.


  • We chose on-demand capacity to store data and used global secondary indexes, which helps in better filtering the data with the Partition key and sort keys. We enabled TTL, which helps to delete the record after the expiry time. We also enabled the stream trigger, which invokes the Lambda function on every event on the table.

Media Convert

  • To improve the media experience on the mobile application, we utilized AWS MediaConvert to add Watermark Logo to all the videos and convert MP4 format to HLS format for streaming. This allowed for smooth playback without buffering, providing a seamless user experience.

AWS Rekognition

  • To ensure appropriate content on the mobile application, we utilized AWS Amazon Rekognition service to detect NSFQ or Adult videos and moderate them accordingly. Additionally, we utilized Rekognition to classify the labels of the videos, providing further insight into the content and enabling us to better classify the content, ensuring that our users had a safe and enjoyable experience on the mobile application.

Elastic Search

  • To enhance search functionality on the mobile application, we utilized Elastic Search by pushing news content to it through DynamoDB streams. Additionally, we utilized Elastic Search to find appropriate images in the Media Library, further improving the user experience. For optimal performance and reliability, we utilized the AWS OpenSearch service, which allowed us to easily manage and scale our search infrastructure.

S3 and CloudFront

  • For efficient storage and delivery of images and videos, we utilized S3, which allowed us to easily store and manage large amounts of media content. Additionally, we leveraged S3 for HLS video streaming, allowing for smooth playback without buffering. To further enhance the media delivery performance, we deployed CloudFront in front of S3, which provided faster delivery and lower latency to our users. With CloudFront, we were able to distribute the content across a global network of edge locations, ensuring that our users could access the media quickly and efficiently from anywhere in the world.

Amazon Eventbridge

  • We have used Amazon Eventbridge for cron jobs, which trigger Lambda functions within the scheduled time.


  • We enabled Amazon Pinpoint with GCM messaging and APNS Messaging for Android and iOS push notifications. We sent push notifications via Pinpoint when content is published and other updates.

API Gateway

  • We used API Gateway for two different functionalities. First, we used it for a URL shortener. We used API Gateway with an HTTP endpoint with a Lambda trigger to convert a long URL to a short URL. Second, we used API Gateway with an HTTP REST endpoint and subscribed it via a webhook, which handles updates of all matches and updates match information to DynamoDB contents.

Simple Email Service

  • We used Simple Email Service for sending activity reports to verified user emails.


  • The AWS cloud-based backend we built provided the scalability, reliability, and flexibility our client required for their mobile application. The combination of various AWS services enabled us to build a feature-rich backend that meets our client’s expectations. We also provided them with cost-effective solutions that saved them money in the long run. KTree is still supporting and maintaining and improving the mobile application’s backend.

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KTree, a Global IT Company

What and how the processes are structured in KTree?

KTree's processes follow CMMi to ensure consistent, high-quality outcomes. With a focus on quality coding , code reviewing, and performance and load testing in our QA processes, we deliver reliable, scalable, and high-performing applications to meet our clients' needs.

Where is KTree's Web and Mobile application Development done?

KTree's web and mobile application development primarily takes place at our Hyderabad development center. Hyderabad is not only abundant in IT talent but is also known for its rich heritage and exotic food.

How KTree makes outsourcing project a positive experience?

KTree delivers high-quality applications that meet our clients' needs, by prioritizing collaboration, communication, visibility, traceability, and requirements engineering. While we charge a little premium for our services, we believe that it is important to provide the necessary resources and expertise to ensure project success.

What is Success mantra of KTree, as one of the respected web development company?

The success mantra of KTree as a respected web development company is combining Agile methodology with strong documentation, powerful web and mobile frameworks, and a solid KTree team to deliver great web and mobile applications within a specified timeframe.

Any other Differentiation which KTree has, which it can offer?

KTree's tremendous knowledge and expertise, gained from working on hundreds of web and mobile application projects, gives us a significant advantage that allows us to provide a head-start on projects, saving our clients many man-months.

What Development methodology KTree follows and why?

KTree's development team follows the Scrum framework of the Agile methodology, which improves Agility through its simplicity and flexibility. This allows us to adapt to changing project requirements and deliver high-quality products within the specified timeframe.

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KTree really adds lot of value and they will give your more for your $. Our Project was complicated from day one as it involves integrating to our SAP ERP with work operations to create a production orders. It had number of rules & validations which KTree Successfully recreated in the web application. They really take challenges in their stride.

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