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The heart of Liferay lies in its ability to provide its users with a unique experience, allowing customization through drag-and-drop portlets, themes, and personal pages, including the URL. Liferay also gives you extensive control over its functionality, such as access to sensitive information, content publishing, multi-language support.

  • Magento Application

    • Providing 24/7 application support for Magento stores  such as Hosting & Monitoring. 
    • KTree’s inhouse team consists of developers, Business Analysts & QA who are experienced in the Magento Ecommerce domain from more than 5 years.
    • Our Magento teams are extensions to client’s ecommerce team and our teams are working for companies across the world.
    • Their experience and the depth of their ecommerce knowledge makes them invaluable to clients. 


    KTree can help you add features to your eCommerce store like pickup, return goods through any channel & making it Omni Channel by integrating with your POS Solution


    Build ecommerce Magento theme which gives your brand Identity, trust and your shoppers a true digital experience. KTree's Usability & Ux Design services captures rich heritage of your products to align with your brand goals.


    Adding new fields & Functionality to Magento Modules (AttributeSets, Attributes, Product, Product Categories) using Magento Event-Observer Pattern Read More

    Please have glance on next slides to see our Magento Development/ Magento Extensions which we have done in our Previous projects based on the module.

  • ERP Integrations | KTree

    • Odoo Integrations
      Invoice Integration
      Sync Customers (vice-versa)
      Sync Products  (vice-versa)
      Sync Categories  (vice-versa)
      Sync Orders  (vice-versa)
      Sync Invoices
      Sync Shipments
    • Navision Integration
      Validate Coupons & Gift Vouchers from Navision in the Magento cart page 
      Syncing Orders from Magento to Navision & Shipments from Navision to Magento.
      Applying Product Discounts in the Cart page by getting response from Navision.
      Credit Memo & Refunds 
      Gift Cards creation in Navision from Magento order and Refunding Giftcards from Magento Refunds.
    • DBFact Integration
      Syncing Orders to DBFact
      Syncing Customers with Order
  • Content Customizations done on Magento

    • Duplicating CMS static blocks from Magento Backend to reuse the existing design and content.
    • Based on the gender show different home pages to showcase products.
    • Store module for physical store locations with  address, latitude and Longitudinal information to Google Maps along with Store image
    • Basic Banner slider with URL links, banner image and the sort order for Magento admin to choose in his homepage.
    • Re-engineering and straightening out the checkout mechanism by enabling quickfire onpage checkout.
    • Google Analytics
      For analysis Pageviews and conversion rates
      Preferred Shipping and payment methods
      Analyse the users where they leaving the site
      Total sales sync & Frequent items 
    • Customer Testimonials module to display customer testimonial as ‘Magento Blocks’ to display in cms Pages.
    • Mega Menus to Create beautiful menu layout with horizontal and vertical style.
    • Language switcher detects browser Locale Settings and User IP and automatically determines the language of Magento Store based on it.
    • Translation module through which user can add translations from backend without editing the translation files.
    • Mobile/tablet Responsive pages as Cart page, Product page, Product listing page, menu etc.
    • Google ReCaptcha  
      For reducing the robots to submit the forms
      Google API to display captcha in various forms
      From admin we can enable disable the Recaptcha

Product Content Enhancements | KTree

    • Product Zoom plugin to zoom the images of products. Also shows the images of simple product images based on the configurable options  for configurable products.
    • Product by Brand displays the logos of brands and brand listing page for filtering/sorting etc.
    • Infinite Scroll & Scroll up on category Listing page
    • Enhanced Layered Navigation to ajaxify filters so the page is not refreshed. 
    • Display Product Carousel in dropDown menu to showcase product images. 
    • Size chart of different countries in the product detail view, which helps them to choose the product size.
    • Product Videos in the product detail view page, this is displayed as normal image and when played in fullscreen it plays using Jwplayer with skin. 

    • Custom Product labels for discounted items to display these label's icon on the product and category page.
    • Quick View of the Product and ability to ‘add to cart’ from quick view.
    • Lazy loading Images to reduce the loading time of the page.
    • Duplicating config Product along with child products from Magento Backend.
    • Various reviews integration such YotpoReviews, Discus etc
  • Marketing

    • Mailchimp Integration for sending newsletters and syncing of customers.
    • Sendgrid / Amazon SES email integration.
    • Enable email logging along with status ‘Sent’ or ‘Not Sent’ for admins to check in the backend.
    • Improve your Conversion Rate by doing A/B experiments using google tag manager 
      Product Listing page variants
      Infinite Scroll or load More 
      Cart page variants.

    • Customer Support

    • HelpDesk Zendesk, Freshdesk Integration for providing easy customer support
    • Magento Customer ticketing System to create tickets from the backend for easy tracking of customer queries
    • Zopim, MyliveChat and other livechat integrations in the Magento frontend site.
  • Site Search & Navigation 

    • Faceted Search
    • Iteratively Refine or Expand Results
    • Enhance Navigation with Range Refinements
    • Standard Text Search
    • Relevancy Ranking
  • Payments & Security

    • Payment Integrations with Adyen, Paypal, BrainTree, BanContact etc..
    • Adyen Payment gateway  
        Payments through Adyen API and Redirecting to Adyen website
       Creating Billing agreements for Recurring payments and Oneclick
       Fast checkout using recurring payment option of Adyen.
    • 2Factor Authentications
    • Payment Methods
  • Order & Checkout

    • Custom Order prefix for Magento Order, Credit Memo, Invoices etc
    • Collect total customization for customizing gift cards as subtotal.
    • Collect customer feedbacks using Magento Review Module why they bought this product after check out.

Shipping & Fulfillment for Magento

  • Store

    Store Pickup through which customer can select a physical store at the shipping method for his products pickup.

  • Reverse Address Lookup

    Reverse lookup of address based on zip code and House number get Street Names and other address attributes for Netherlands, UK and New Zealand.

  • Shipping Integration

    Bpost, Royal Mail, POSTNL, DHL, USPS, UPS and other Shipping Integrations

  • Product Attribute

    Enhancement of Table Rate functionality to calculate different shipping rates using custom product attribute.

  • Shipping Method

    Custom new Shipping method and  criteria to determine shipping rates.

  • Delivery

    Delivery Calculator to derive delivery date based on Holidays and Store locations 

  • Magento Optimization & Support

    • Varnish caches your html pages when first time it's accessed and from then on the page is served by Varnish Server till it's expired avoiding going to MYSQL. Varnish makes your site load faster and magento installation have seen performance > 400%
    • Minify and Compress CSS/JS,  sprite images
    • CDN Integrations MaxCDN, Amazon CDN etc.
    • Usage of APC / Opcode / Memcache to reduce TTFB and Loading time
    • Backup Module with AWS sync 
      Creating Daily backups for source code and Database using script
      Syncing backups to AWS S3 bucket using API
      List  all the backup files exists in S3 in Magento Grid
    • Load balancing Application servers / database / Redis etc for 100% High Availability.

    • Jmeter Load & Performance Testing to see How much load can your magento Installation can take? How many concurrent users can access your site and at the same time how many shoppers can add items to cart? All these can be simulated and tested using real tools.
    • Static content from Nginx cache for a period of time
    • Nginx, SSL Tuning and Percona MYSQL optimizations 
    • URL Crawling to warm up the FPC/Redis for faster loading using Siege.
    • FPC stores HTML Output in Redis DB when first time a pages is accessed and from then on the output will come from FPC/REDIS till it's expired which avoids going to MYSQL for the same page. FPC makes you get more throughput from your CPU and increase loading time drastically.

       Neckermann Integration

    • Neckermann Orders are synced to Magento as orders via xml file using orders API.
    • Invoice and shipment status from Magento is again sent back to Neckermann using API.
    • Provide Magento products feed which consists of Product information, inventory information etc..through xml to Neckermann to sell through their marketplace
  • Neteven Marketplace

    • Syncing products through Magento API to Neteven using Magento Scheduler.
    • Neteven lists our products for sale in amazon,ebay,Zalando,Pixmania
    • Frequent Stock updates are synced regularly to Neteven.
    • Through Magento scheduler all Marketplace orders are created as  Magento orders using Magento API
  • Bol.com

    • Sync Magento products to Bol.com using xml feed of Magento Products list.
    • Sync Magento Shipment Updates to Bol.com using API
    • Sync Magento Shipment Updates to Bol.com using API
  • Features

    • Facebook Pixel
    • Magento - SugarCRM Integration 
      Customers synchronization from Magento to SugarCRM as customer & Contacts.
      Abandoned carts sync to Sugarcrm.
    • Icecat Integration 
      Syncing of Products and categories from IceCat to Magento.
    • SaaS Based POS Application / Mini ERP for physical stores and integrated with Magento Ecommerce.
      Magento store Automatic sync & update of stock & inventory with POS Application
      Import/Export products & Categories between Magento & POS Application
      Complete architecture.

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KTree worked on hundreds of Web Application projects which can be further classified broadly into Web Application Development, SaaS application development, Single Page Applications, Portal Development, Ecommerce Development, ERP Implementation, Mobile APP Development, Point of Sale etc..

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KTree, a Global IT Company

What and how the processes are structured in KTree?

KTree follows CMMi process to T. Defined and Mature processes for Coding, Code Reviewing Exercises, QA Process with focus on Performance testing & Load Testing

Where is KTree's Web and Mobile application Development done?

Most of our Development is done from our Hyderabad Development Center. Hyderabad is known for its rich heritage and exotic food apart from abundant IT Talent.

How KTree makes outsourcing project a positive experience?

True collaboration, transparent and constant communication, visibility and traceability are the key for success. The other major one being requirements engineering.

What is Success mantra of KTree, as one of the respected web development company?

Agile Methodology + Strong Documentation + Powerful Web & Mobile Frameworks + Solid KTree Team = Great Web & Mobile Applications within time.

Any other Differentiation which KTree has, which it can offer?

Having worked on hundreds of Web & Mobile Application projects, KTree teams tremendous knowledge & expertise gives very good head-start for projects which helps clients save many man-months

What Development methodology KTree follows and why?

KTree development team follows Agile methodology because of its suitability to web and mobile application development. Scrum helps improve Agility due to its simplicity and flexibility

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