An application based on Laravel 5.5 was built for our client where customers can submit their data for processing and the client processes there data and submits them to the government portal with prior approval from their customers. Respective TPA’s (Tax processing associates) are assigned to the customers based on the service they opt for and processing of there data is performed.


  • Clients main requirement was to have 2 different instances one facing the customers and the other instance is the place where the admin along with his associates processes the documents uploaded by the customers.
  • Clients requirement was to build six forms with different validation rules
  • Processing or Validations on the documents are performed according to the rules written for the respective form.
  • We also needed to show different dashboards for the different roles that are created.
  • Integration of different API’s(SMS API, IVR API) for click to call connection and sending of auto SMS to the respective customer upon any change to the status of his request.
  • Creation of a plugin where customers and admin will be able to directly populate their respective usernames and passwords into the government portal.


  • Admin will have an overview of all the actions that are being performed in the portal.
  • All the services have their own process heads, Supervisor’s and Associates and each have their own roles to perform actionable tasks.
  • All the documents that are submitted by the customer are processed and filed to govt portal
  • Admin is the one who sets up the rates for the offered services
  • Customers can directly pay for the service they avail and upload the documents for the respective service and associates from the client will validate and process the documents
  • CA’s / BA’s / FSA’s can register there customers and upload there documents for processing.
  • Generation of an invoice in pdf format and sending it to client once payment is success
  • Customers can check their files before filing to govt portal

Implementation in mobile app

  • Only tax payer customer type can register through the portal and upload the documents
  • FSA’s who are created by TRSK’s can be logged into the mobile app and can register his customers

  • Tax payers can complete their profile through mobile app and can purchase the required services
  • Integration of CC avenue payment gateway is done
  • Tax payer customers can fill up their portal details and also his preferred payment mode through the app
  • Push notifications based on there `due date is received in the mobile app
  • Customer can also have an overview of the purchased services and his filing status of the uploaded documents
  • Customers can upload documents directly by taking photo from the mobile app

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KTree's processes follow CMMi to ensure consistent, high-quality outcomes. With a focus on quality coding , code reviewing, and performance and load testing in our QA processes, we deliver reliable, scalable, and high-performing applications to meet our clients' needs.

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KTree's web and mobile application development primarily takes place at our Hyderabad development center. Hyderabad is not only abundant in IT talent but is also known for its rich heritage and exotic food.

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KTree delivers high-quality applications that meet our clients' needs, by prioritizing collaboration, communication, visibility, traceability, and requirements engineering. While we charge a little premium for our services, we believe that it is important to provide the necessary resources and expertise to ensure project success.

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The success mantra of KTree as a respected web development company is combining Agile methodology with strong documentation, powerful web and mobile frameworks, and a solid KTree team to deliver great web and mobile applications within a specified timeframe.

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KTree's tremendous knowledge and expertise, gained from working on hundreds of web and mobile application projects, gives us a significant advantage that allows us to provide a head-start on projects, saving our clients many man-months.

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KTree's development team follows the Scrum framework of the Agile methodology, which improves Agility through its simplicity and flexibility. This allows us to adapt to changing project requirements and deliver high-quality products within the specified timeframe.

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