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Magento Implementation 
Online Gaming Company from US


This platform was designed for Star Citizen which allows them to buy and sell ships. It has all the features required for multi-channel retailers to run their end to end operations w.r.t Ships, Gear, Decoration Items and much more which are sold in agreement with RSI’s Terms of Service And subject to RSI’s End User License Agreement (EULA).

Gaming industry 
Country : United States
Renowned Company : USA
  • Businesss Requirements and Challenges.

    • They need a platform where registered user can add the ships or items they want to purchase and process through payment.
    • To implement the functionality to study the customer behaviour (payment methods, page views etc) using the tools like Google Analytics
    • Making the complete web site Responsive to load in all devices like Mobile,Tab and Ipad.
    • Facility to sort the products based on Product Name, Price and filter based on types like game, ship and vehicles.
    • Extended product search functionality with product title, product content, category, SKU, Seller, 
    • Integrated the Mailchimp for email marketing and send the newsletters to registered customers.
  • Businesss Requirements and Challenges.

    • Cart Reservation : 
      Whenever User added an Item to cart, a counter session will start for notifying the user. Admin has an ability to change the maximum time to go to checkout.If there are only one quantity left, other user will not have ability to add the same item to cart. If order is not placed within the time-frame items will remove from cart.
    • Mailchimp: 
      Application has allowed user to subscribe to the newsletter for the latest updates and Mailchimp has been integrated with the application which Sync the Customer info and emails are triggered based on the customer subscriptions
    • Backup Module with AWS sync:
      KTree has developed a script which would create a daily backups for source code and Database. An API was used to sync the backups to AWS S3 bucket. List of all available backup files are displayed in S3 (Magento Grid)
    • Braintree payment gateway Integration: 
      Our client needed a online payment options like Paypal and Credit Card. We have integrated Braintree payment gateway for online transaction.The card details are saved for further use. The payment reference are saved in Magento and all other transaction details are saved in Gateway.
    • Customer Loyalty Points: 
      Based on the previous customer purchase value, set of point are allocated to the customer which helps to differentiate the customer to have an additional discount. Customer can avail the discount through the coupon code in their next purchase.
    • Twilio SMS API Integration
      It allowed admin to create templates for different events like register, order success,cancel, shipment which are triggered to the registration mobile number using Twillio SMS.
  • Result of KTree Magento Implemetation

    • For reducing the robots to submit the forms, Google ReCaptcha was introduced for various forms like Registration Page, Login Page etc
    • SMS notifications for seller accounts to promote the market via SMS was integrated.
    • To allow for smoother filtering and conclusive finding, a well equipped search was framed which tracks the products desired on the basis of their “Referral Codes”.
    • Price auto-updates on Front end by using Ajax has enabled user to view the updated prices for every 15 Mins.
    • Integrated third party tools and applications into Magento Site
    • Variety of payment methods to use credit card, bank draft/withdrawal and bitcoin for E-commerce store was introduced and also an option to disable the Paypal method was facilitated.
    • Google Analytics integration for insights to analyze customer behaviour patterns,  such as Total sales sync, Pageviews, Frequent items, Preferred Shipping etc
    • User friendly web application developed by KTree has enhanced the number of visitors and sales as well.
    • Enhanced Ecommerce reports likes Sales Performance, Average order value, Average Quantity, Product Performance, Coupons etc are facilitated for quick decision making.
    • KTree build a script to create a backups (Magento files & Database) automatically to Amazon S3
    • Magento theme integration enables client to choose themes based on needs
    • Cart Reservation by Plumrocket Inc was integrated in Magento Site which allows customers to reserve products in shopping carts.

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