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Client is the oldest air transfer operator operating in Maldives and is the leading Aviation/Airlines Company in Maldives. Having a fleet of 46 Seaplanes and providing seaplane transfer services to a large number of tourist resorts they currently operate the world's largest seaplane fleet

Industry: Aviation
Country: Maldives
Airlines company
  • Businesss Requirements and Challenges.

    • Legacy Systems : Data to be extracted from the Legacy systems and put on a FTP folder daily using a scheduler, and the same data should be pulled into Odoo based on an scheduler in Odoo. 
    • Logistics integration : Logistics process in integrated as two way (Import and Export) in Purchase process and Repair Process.
    • Supplier Bid Matrix : Purchase Comparison sheet has to dynamically show the created bid values for all the suppliers and part numbers in a Matrix, which the company was doing manually on paper.
    • Supplier portal and Access Control : Zero percent error in access control for supplier portals as suppliers were spread across entire globe.
  • Business Requirements and Challenges.

    • Once the product reaches repair agency, they will strip the part and prepare a repair quotation to repair the product.
    • The quotation can be accepted by company to initiate repair process or reject. Changed part should be shipped back to the company by repair agency.
    • Suppliers can be local or International (Other Countries), so based on the type of the supplier, the pickup should be arranged by the company.
    • On releasing the RFQ, all the eligible suppliers are notified about the RFQ and should be able to bid against floated RFQ before the defined cutoff date.
    • Repair admin will create a Repair Order against the Dispatch advice Note and sends it for approval.
    • In case of local consignments, a job order (JO) should be raised to a local Freight Forwarder, who will collect all the local consignments and deliver them. 
    • Purchase process starts with importing the Purchase requisition (PRs) from the legacy systems
    • The Supplier should create consignment note against the Purchase order created to communicate the readiness of the packed consignment. 
    • Later, the PRs are pulled in to a Request for Quotation (RFQ) and the RFQ is released to the configured suppliers in the respective product masters.
    • Once approved, a consignment is created against created repair order general logistics process is followed to ship product to repair agency location.
    • Cargo Freight Forwarders make their bids by logging into Odoo and will quote for the Freight RFQs.
    • Once all negotiations are done, the best bids are selected and the comparison sheet is sent through a series of approvals.


    • Supply Chain team was able to generate comparison sheet and on approval, they were able to release Purchase Orders against the selected suppliers.
    • The logistics process was successfully implemented to ship repair parts from company to repair agency. On receipt of repair parts, repair agency users were able to create Repair Quotations against parts & were able to send the quotations to the client by Odoo.
    • More than 25,000 products were imported and respective PRs are converted to Purchase RFQs and suppliers were notified. Supplier users were able to log in and bid for the purchase RFQs.
    • End to End implementation developing the processes of supply chain cycle across the modules of Purchase, Logistics and Repair.
    • In case of Repair, Store Inspectors were able to create Dispatch advice Notes & send for approval. Logistics admin & Repair Admin were able to create Export Invoices & Repair Order against created Dispatch advice Notes & created Repair Order.
    • Supply Chain management application with integrated repair management, which can allow the supply chain team to monitor Purchases, Logistics (Local and International) and Repair processes in one place was built.

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