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Magento eCommerce electronics store 
San Jose, California based Vendor


Our client is known & popular seller of authentic batteries / Chargers, Quality LED Flashlights across US and globe. Their previous ecommerce site has limited features and outdated design and they approached KTree to have brand new UI and more features in their ecommerce store.

Industry : Battery Manufacturers
Country : USA
Renowned Company : USA
  • Businesss Requirements and Challenges.

    • Idea of the UI design was to keep it simple and let user don't get distracted with more elements. With feedback from the client KTree UI team designed initial wireframes and went through few revisions to achieve the design.
    • Other requirements includes payment integration with multiple gateways, Paypal integration,  Ajax Add to Cart etc
    • Their customer service department weren't able to do track returns in organized way and their loyal customers were unhappy about it and we came with Return merchandise authorization (RMA) system for their online store.
    • System should enable customer to manage product lists and order on third party marketplaces including eBay, Amazon etc
  • Businesss Requirements and Challenges.

    • Our client was not happy with the way how search was working in the Magento and also the time taken for it. KTree suggested Elasticsearch and integrated Magento with it for the following
    • They needed a multi-channel shipping solution linked with their Magento store to make their order management and shipping process easier.
    • Interface with features like Site Management, Site  Optimization, Catalog Management, Product Browsing, Checkout, Payment and Shipping, Order Management etc has allowed our customer to have a complete control over the Magento Store.
    • Admin Dashboard with an overview on the stores activities like Sales report, Tax report, Low stock report, Purchased Report, Total sale invoiced, Coupon usage etc need to be build.
    • Integration with Amazon marketplaces so that they can also sell the same products on their marketplace without recreating them again.
    • They have requirement of different pricing based on the customer and Magento Customer pricing based on the customer group met their requirement.
  • Features

    • Magento Catalog Listing pages to be retrieved from Elasticsearch
    • Magento Global Search page which shows Search Terms, Products etc from Elasticsearch.
    • New Magento Indexers in Index Management for Data Push to ES for the Following
      Catalog data Attributes, Products, Categories from Magento Flat tables
      Product Inventory and Price 
      Search terms, Sales Information for Sort by sales,  Most Viewed etc.
      These indexers were created in such way that they can be used for full data push or Incremental Push.
  • Businesss Requirements and Challenges.

    • Customer support, using a combination of the Zendesk API was built, for solving the customer concerns or queries on product. The application have a common user interface which has all customer information in one place so that everything is in a single location
    • M2E Pro extension allowed customer to fully integrate the system on third party marketplaces including eBay, Amazon etc
    • Product Zoom, is an extremely powerful and flexible Magento extension, providing the ability to interactively view high resolution images with responsive, crystal clear and retina ready layout.
    • ShipStation, a multi-channel shipping solution was designed with rich and robust features to facilitate the order management process for the store.
    • Magento Full Page Cache Extension has enabled to reduce the load on server for duplicate request and to clear only one page cache.
    • Fulfillment by Amazon Plugin does the automation of such an order passing process, synchronize the inventory/ availability of the products in Magento store with the data taken from Amazon and enables to manage fulfillment order data, shipments with tracking info.
    • Facility to Import the product and its attributes from Magento and Export to magento application was built.
    • Magento 2 RMA extension has enabled our customer to manage the requests related to return, replace or exchange of the goods and server their customer better.
    • With PayPal integration, it enabled users to make a secure payment from the site with all major debit and credit cards options, and PayPal account holders.
    • Integrations to synchronize orders and product listings with ebay marketplace.

Result of Ktree Magento Implemetation.

    • Elasticsearch helped the customers to find or filter the products they were looking for quickly which also helped the store conversion rates go higher.
    • Advanced Search had enabled the user to search products faster based on SKU, Name, Description etc which has a significantly impact on sale.
    • Interface with features like Site Management, Catalog Management, Product Browsing, Checkout, Payment and Shipping, Order Management etc has allowed our customer to have a complete control over the Magento Store.
    • Magento Performance Optimization

    • Using the ticketing system,  tracking, prioritizing, and solving customer queries about products or service was made much easier than before.
    • Magento store performance and speed was improved more than 300% using Magento FPC and Redis and also this enabled the store to attract more traffic.
    • Admin Dashboard with an overview on the stores activities like Sales report, Tax report, Low stock report, Purchased Report, Total sale invoiced, Coupon usage etc has helped them to make better decisions.

    • Secure and easy checkout process

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KTree follows CMMi process to T. Defined and Mature processes for Coding, Code Reviewing Exercises, QA Process with focus on Performance testing & Load Testing

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