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Liferay 6.2 SaaS Application & Mobile App for 
Germany based Tax advisor firm


A SaaS application based on Liferay 6.2 for Tax Advisor firms to do Collaboration with their hundreds of clientele spread across Germany via disparate channels such as SMS/Push Notifications / Facebook Company Pages/ Facebook Messenger/ Whatsapp. Furthermore, a Hybrid mobile app(Android + IOS) is developed integrated with Liferay 6.2. The Mobile App would serve the end users (Clients) as the medium to receive all the communications sent by the respective tax advisor

Industry : Tax Consulting
Country : Germany
Renowned Company : UK
  • Businesss Requirements and Challenges.

    • The client’s main requirement was to transform their existing Liferay 6.2 to do more collaboration via centralized platform where the administrators of an Organization can communicate to users. 
    • App should allow end users to contact the respective tax advisor, fetching the contact number, email addresses of the Tax advisor. It should also allow the user to send predefined / custom messages to the Tax advisor as required.
    • A Hybrid mobile app for IOS & Android can be used to retrieve the messages from Liferay via Couchbase (Based on RBAC & Liferay User Authentication).
    • In Mobile APP, User should have an option to change profile details and password. The same needs to be updated to Liferay as well

  • Businesss Requirements and Challenges.

    • Single Inbox for all Messages
      A Universal Inbox from which administrator can communicate via disparate channels such as PDF Files, Financial Reports, HTML messages, Calendar Events, Links, Whatsapp Messages, Facebook Messages, Facebook posts sent to Facebook pages & Groups. 
      All these messages are sent to one or many clients in a single click. A Universal Inbox had to be designed to store these messages and display to the administrators.
    • Facebook posts to Pages and Groups from Liferay
      The application should be able to select & save the list of pages for which the authenticated user is acting as ADMIN in Facebook. Single Message Composer should allow creating a post in Liferay and update to Facebook pages or a groups.
    • WhatsApp & Facebook Messengers Integration. 
      The Collaboration platform should be implemented to Send & Receive messages from/to Whatsapp & Facebook Messengers of the clients (End Users)
    • Approval Workflow & Liferay Permissions 
      Workflow configuration for user registration approval process. Messages, Documents & all other assets in the application should be managed using standard Liferay Permissions.
    • SaaS model
      All the developed portlets, functionalities should be organization specific, restricting users to access only their organization related data. 


    • Capturing Images via Local mobile camera, processing the images using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) conversion to transform them into text-searchable PDFs & saving to the desired Liferay Folders was one of the biggest challenge handled.
    • Reading & Receiving different types of messages from Couchbase and segregating them accordingly, providing type specific actions to the each message type has been a critical thing to accomplish.
    • All major communications from / to the app should be done via JSON based RESTful web services. An alternate solutions have been framed for a lot of limitations(With JSON format, Couchbase DB etc..)
    • Couchbase, Liferay, Amazon SNS - All three systems had to be linked properly to make sure all the involved processes are working fine, providing an uninterrupted & appropriate communication to the end users on Mobile App.
    • Liferay’s documents & folders to be synced to mobile app according on the role based access definition in Liferay. Accessing the PDFs, Images from the folders, within the app was yet another challenge which had to overcome.
    • Updating the Facebook posts to the mobile app & providing “Facebook” actions like Like, Comment, Share against these posts in the mobile app .

Features Overview

  • Universal Inbox

    Universal Inbox is the place where all the sent/received messages are displayed and segregated according to the message types Like Whatsapp, PDF, HTML etc

  • Facebook Posts in Liferay

    Administrators should be able configure facebook pages in Liferay, need to compose a Facebook post in Liferay and post to one or more the configured pages

  • Web Services

    A number of Web services are created to facilitate the exchange of information between Liferay & Mobile App

  • Couchbase Integration

    In this application, Couchbase Server & DB are integrated with Liferay. Operations like updating Users to Couchbase and the Universal Inbox messages to Couchbase db etc

  • Whatsbroadcast Integration

    Our Whatsapp & Facebook messengers . Integrating Liferay 6.2 to an external service provider called Whatsbroadcast was done to achieve the desired functionality.

  • Multi-tenant Platform(SaaS)

    This application is built to support SaaS model, allowing the client to sell the developed software as a service to their clients/groups.

  • Features

    • A composer to compose seven different types of messages and send them to different end users as required by the administrator. Universal Inbox is the place where all the sent/received messages are displayed and segregated according to the message type.
    • Composing different types of messages & sending them to the end users on Mobile app
      Whatsapp messages
      FB Messenger
      PDF documents 
      HTML Messages
      Calendar Events
      Website Links 
      Financial Reports
    • CRUD Actions on the Universal inbox messages
    • Conversation View for HTML messages
  • Features

    • Our Whatsapp & Facebook messengers . Integrating Liferay 6.2 to an external service provider called Whatsbroadcast was done to achieve the desired functionality. 
    • Integration with Whatsbroadcast to send messages to Whatsapp Users.
    • Integration with Whatsbroadcast to send messages to Facebook Messenger Users
    • Whatsapp Webhook integration to receive replies from Whatsapp & Facebook messengers.
    • One to One conversations with each end user.  
      Whatsapp Conversation
      Facebook Conversation
    • Chats in Liferay similar to Whatsapp & Facebook chats
  • Features

    • Administrators should be able configure one or more facebook pages in Liferay. Need to have a provision to compose a Facebook post in Liferay and post to one or more the configured pages/groups 
    • Fetch Facebook pages & groups to Liferay by FB User Authentication and save pages  to Liferay Organization.
    • Asset composer message posting to selected Facebook page/group 
    • Retrieving posts from selected pages and update to Liferay.
    • Updating the Likes, Comments & Shares information to Liferay posts using Facebook  webhooks 
  • Other Features

    • Multi-tenant Platform(SaaS)
      The application is built to support SaaS model, allowing the client to sell the developed software as a service to their clients. Liferay’s multi organization approach is used to create a multi-tenant platform where multiple organizations can be created and maintained on single instance with complete data isolation.
    • Multiple Organizations can be created & maintained on single Instance
    • Organization specific data handling throughout the custom portlets.
    • SaaS model implementation
    • Each organization can have it’s own site & All organizations can work on same instance without exchanging data.
    • Financial Dates / Tax dates creation
      Financial Dates can be created in Liferay & Saved to Liferay DB. 
      These dates are updated to couchbase & synced to Mobile App to display for users. 
    • Web Services - Integration with Mobile App One of the most important part of the application is the integration with Mobile App. To facilitate the exchange of information between Liferay & Mobile App, a number of web services had to be created to allow communication of the Mobile app with Liferay
    • Implementing JSON based RESTful services to call from Mobile App.  
      User Registration
      User Login
      Profile Update
      Forgot password
      Sending Email from Mobile App
      Document transfer from Liferay to Mobile.
    • Excel / CSV Financial Reports 
      Financial Reports exported from any Third-party applications in Excel(XLS/ XLSX) or CSV format can be imported into JQX Grids. 
      Imported data from these files can be sent to the end users as Financial reports which can be received to Mobile Apps.
  • Mobile App- Universal Inbox

    • Universal Inbox is a single inbox on mobile app to store & display multiple types of messages sent from Liferay to the end-users. Universal inbox works in offline mode as well, loads the messages from Couchbase lite db from the mobile. Couchbase sync gateway is used to push the messages.
    • One place to display all types messages on Mobile App. 
      Whatsapp messages
      FB Messenger
      FB posts
      PDF documents 
      Opens PDF within the App. 
      HTML Messages
      Calendar Events
      Website Links 
      Financial Reports
      Displays the reports within the App
    • Filtering messages based on Type.
    • Lazy loading the messages from Couchbase.
  • Features implemented by KTree in Mobile App

    • OCR Conversion of Images
      Camera is integrated with the Mobile app to take a picture & Upload it to any desired Liferay folders.
      Additionally the image is processed through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) transforming the image to a PDF which is searchable by its text content. This means taking a picture of an invoice (example) & uploading will save a PDF to the selected folder which can be searched by the content of the invoice. 
      Bulk image upload from local mobile gallery & processing of these multiple images using OCR is also handled in the mobile app. 
    • Liferay Document management integration
      Predefined set of folders on Liferay & the contents of these folders are synced to the Mobile app - allowing the user to Download / Upload the contents of these folders as required based on the permissions defined in Liferay.
    • Tax Dates import from Liferay
      According to Germany’s tax law, certain dates in the year are defined, where tax payers should file the taxes on on before these dates. Tax filing dates are updated by the Tax Advisors in Liferay & the same has to be communicated to the end users via mobile App. 
      Various Tax dates are created in Liferay which are displayed in Mobile App.
      A screen is exclusively designed to allow users to see if there any any tax dates in the current month.
      Also the end user can navigate to change months & view the tax dates of current financial year as required.
    • User Profile & Other Settings
      A User profile is displayed in the Settings Tab using which the mobile app user can modify the profile related details from the app & the same needs to be updated to Liferay. 
      User details, Password can be modified by updating User profile on Mobile App. 

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