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PHP Developer(2-5yrs)
Full-time | Hyderabad | India

PHP Developer

Full-time | Hyderabad | India


At KTree we tackle tough problems everyday. Learning, Sharing, Collaborating & Supporting one another are key traits in our Team. KTree’s Engineering team enjoy facing challenges as individuals, but we are also eager to collaborate and share our knowledge. Our Inherent DNA is to go extra step if needed and deliver the right thing. We work in agile methodology as small group and perform weekly demos of the code we ship, hone our skills through code reviews.


We are committed to building an amazing experiences for our customers, thus we only ship the highest quality web applications / mobile apps focusing on the detail of every interaction. Our applications use the modern technologies, which sometime also means we are really on our own and we may have to really push boundaries. Performance & continuity of the web applications are critical, we must have a high level of confidence around every releases and know that they will perform.


Humans are always fascinated to travel to the moon and in particular, there is huge competition for countries to try moon landing and NASA (USA) landing on the moon in the year 1961 is a big milestone. As the above milestone, people consider an employee landing in KTree as a big milestone for their career in the Web Application Development. In every day of your work, as Sr. PHP Developer / Team Lead you will work with a team on any popular PHP Frameworks. You will work on structuring the application (or Module), reviewing the code of peers, refactoring the code if necessary from the structural perspective or from the performance perspective. You are expert on minimum two PHP MVC frameworks and very strong on OOPS, design patterns etc and also an expert in a minimum of two JS frameworks. Needless to say, you possess expert skills in debugging.


  • Development experience of 2 to 5 years with  knowledge of PHP, MySQL, JavaScript / JQuery, E- commerce, Joomla or any other PHP Framework such as CodeIgniter, Symfony, CakePHP, Zend, YII2, Laravel etc.
  • Having experience with multiple MVC PHP Frameworks and have a strong understanding of how these things work in MVC such as Request, Dispatcher, Router, Model, Controller and View etc.
  • Very Strong working Knowledge in OOPS and has good working understanding on this below items
    • OOPS Design Patterns
    • Dependency Injection, Service Containers, Service Providers, Contracts etc.
    • ORM, PHP PDO, CORS, 
    • JavaScript ES6, Array Functions, Arrow Functions
    • Expert in optimizing mysql queries using inner joins / inner select and understand performance impact of using proper mysql queries.
    • Understands web requests and how to minimize them and factors all this when writing the code.
    • Has worked on Cloud technologies such as AWS, Azure and has implementation experience in integrating with cloud services.
  • Worked on few years on below things and good working knowledge on the below technologies are must
    • REST API / SOAP Integrations
    • JavaScript & Jquery
    • Ajax
    • Debugging / IDE Debugging / Console Debugging In JavaScript.
  • Other General but Important pointers
    • Expert in using GIT/SVN etc and Continuous Integration tools.
    • One who knows the importance of coding Standards and one who adheres to it.
    • Ability to take client calls if needed and get the requirement able to explain very clearly the process or steps to the clients if needed.
    • Ability to work on client projects independently.
    • One who is familiar and has experience in Code Reviews, can do review code of Junior Developer and gives feedback to improve the code.
    • Understands what Code refactoring is and practices regularly this to his code.
    • Does through unit testing of the code and ensures for all the requirements unit testing of code is done.
    • Must be able to work as a Team member and ready to listen to their seniors, clients etc.
    • Ready to meet the challenges and the tight deadlines.
  • Working experience of minimum 2 years + in any one of the following Web Applications
    • Content Management Systems such as WordPress/Joomla/Drupal/custom based CMS
    • Learning Management Systems such as Moodle etc
    • Ecommerce System such as Magento/PrestaShop/ Zencart/ Custom Ecommerce etc.
    • Social Media or Corporate Portals

Desired Candidate Profile :

Experience : 2-5 Years

Location : Hyderabad, India

IndiaIndustry Type : IT-Software/ Software Services

Role : PHP Developer

Functional Area : IT Software - Application Programming

Posted Date : 2018-12-04 07:28:07

Contact Details

Email : jobs@ktree.com

Telephone : 040-66747261

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