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KTree S3 Bucket Maintenance

Updated 8 days ago

Introduction In Liferay it is tough to handle scenarios like storing large data files such as video and audio files. For carrying out general mainten ...

Liferay - Redirecting to home page from portal after session expired

Updated 10 days ago

In few scenarios we might need to find session invalidation if user attempts to perform an operation with Liferay Asset. This scenario might be execut ...

How to upload users through CSV in moodle

Updated 20 days ago

Moodle Site administration

How to set Public profiles in moodle

Updated 20 days ago

User Profiles Step 1: Click on the user name present on the header or footer of the page. Step 2: The following window will appear. Click on ...

How to do Cohort Enrolment in moodle

Updated 20 days ago

Cohort Enrollment Step 1: Cohort Sync Settings (Plugins | Enrollments | Cohort sync) Step 2: Create a Cohort. Navigate to: Users | Accounts | ...

How to set Self Enrolment in moodle

Updated 20 days ago

Step 1: Navigate to: Site administration --► Plugins --► Enrollments --► Self enrollment. Make changes as per the requirement. Step 2: Now, from ...

Open VPN Configuration

Updated 4 months and 19 days ago

You can deploy openvpn on your network in just 15mins. Lets have a small intro on OpenVPN Community Edition. When we have community edition why do we ...

Open Source Vs Custom Development? The debate ends here!

Posted 3 years, 1 month and 25 days ago

If you're planning about getting a website or application developed, chances are you may have encountered these question yourself already - Should ...