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Install WordPress on your own or through Installation Service providers

Updated 21 day ago

Getting WordPress installed by WordPress installation service provides has a lot of benefits-It would be time saving as WordPress installation would...

How To Install Plugin’s In ElasticSearch?

Updated 21 day ago

Step1 : Go to es home directory./usr/share/elastic search there you will find the following folder structure.Step 2: Let’s say we have to install

How To Install ElasticSearch On Windows, Ubuntu and CentOS/RHEL

Updated 21 day ago

Pre- Requisites :-Before installation, we have to setup java latest version 7u79 from oracle.Care must be taken to have installation of oracle jav...

How to install Resque Dashboard application

Updated 21 day ago

A Rails based front-end to the Rescue job queue system.Step 1:Create Gemfile with following entries and savegem 'resque' gem 'resque-web' ,

Server Exploitations what need to be done after it?

Updated 21 day ago

DDOS:In computing, a denialofservice (DoS) or distributed denialofservice (DDoS) attack is an attempt to make a machine or network resource unavaila...

Importance of WordPress CMS

Updated 21 day ago

What is CMS?For those who are new to the entire web application concept, here is a little briefing regarding CMS. CMS short for Content Management S...

CAS Installation on Tomcat over HTTPS

Updated 6 months and 29 days ago

CAS (Central Authentication Service) is an single sign on enterprise solution protocol for web services. It aims to provide better way for permitting