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Efficient Support ticketing system

Updated today

Above image showcases the Support TicketingCompanies have multiple departments which provide support to the employees on a regular basis. When t...

Set up Point of Sale default stock location in Odoo

Updated today

The default stock location is of significant use for vendors who are having multiple POS stations and all of them are sharing multiple stock locations...

Set up product view categories in Odoo

Updated today

As POS product view is more important than general product categories, it is always better to have segment wise categories as shown below.You can al...

Set up Odoo Journal for POS

Updated today

Odoo has given complete flexibility over the payment methods that can be used for POS payments.This is particularly useful if you want to maintain o...

How to have a rich display of POS elements in Odoo

Updated today

In Odoo POS you can enable display that is screen touch friendly with below feature enabled.

How to create product returns in Odoo POS

Updated today

In Odoo POS when you have to return products you can use order form for the same, this will result in deduction of returnable quantity from previous o...

Enable invoicing feature in Odoo POS

Updated today

In Odoo POS transaction by default generates an order receipt for customer reference.But at times when you get the request to provide invoice you do...

Assignment of POS station users to POS in odoo

Updated today

Once you have set up your Point of Sale, you can easily assign POS users to their respective devices.Odoo has a inbuilt session validation for Users...

How to close session and take out EOD balance from odoo

Updated today

In Odoo POS when you have to take out end of the day balance you can follow below procedure. Under Point Of Sale go to Orders and from there reach

Streamline your Procurement in ERP the easy way

Updated 1 month and 19 days ago

Above image shows Typical Procurement ProcessPurchase Management enables us to track the suppliers' price quotations and convert them into purcha...