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    KTree spreads its wings into Manufacturing vertical

    KTree has, currently, bagged an ERP implementation project for a leading manufacturing company located in Hyderabad, India. Our client requirement is to obtain comprehensive web based application that will match the background of the enterprise business scenarios so as to have the client with plenty of business intelligence features, using Open Source Technology. All Open source ERPs have the feature which would guide the client to efficiently plan the different “resources” available by successfully coordinating among all the available departments within the company, thus minimizing the overhead cost. Keeping in mind the client’s expectations and in order to improve the client’s manufacturing business requirements, one of the open source ERP products ‘OpenBravo’, has been suggested as the best solution by KTree. Open Bravo is a trouble free web application for ERP services that can run on multiple computers, is simple to use, has easy operational features, manageable and works on various operating systems like Linux, Windows and supports cloud computing. The key feature of Open Bravo that supports the Manufacturing background companies are the eminent Business intelligence feature that manages the procurement of resources/products, warehouse etc. and integrates it with production, sales, services etc. the Financial accounts are maintained throughout the process. These functions ensure efficient customer relationship management due to the easy management of process flow.